What is the difference between mascara types

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
What is the difference between mascara types
What is the difference between mascara types

Mascara is one of the important makeup products and that’s why it comes in many types to suit different styles of makeup. Sometimes it might be difficult to choose the right type that gives the required length and thickness of lashes.

Mascara brushes types

1. Large mascara brush:

A large mascara brush has thick layers of bristles to thicken lashes.

2. Thin mascara brush

A thin mascara brush lengthens lashes; it has fewer bristles than the large brush and allows reaching every lash.

3. Curved mascara brush:

A curved mascara brush bends lashes upward so you don’t need to use a lash curler; it gives wider eyes.

Mascara types 

1. Lengthening mascara

This mascara makes lashes look longer; its unique formula coats every lash separately and focuses on the tip of lashes.

We chose for you False Lash Effect from Yves Saint Laurent for its unique effect in lengthening lashes


2. Volumizing mascara

This mascara thickens lashes; its formula contains wax and a silicone polymer to give lashes an intense coating making them look thicker. We chose for you Grandiôse Extrême by Lancôme; its unique formula thickens lashes in an amazing way.


3. Waterproof mascara

This is the ideal mascara in summer; it is resistant to water, humidity and tears. But you should not use waterproof mascara all the time; its strong and long lasting formula might lead to breakage of eyelashes. We recommend removing waterproof mascara with vaseline. 

We chose for you Lash Sensational Waterproof by Maybelline; a great waterproof mascara that stays on for a long time.


4. Non-clumping mascara

If you want no-clump natural looking lashes, you should try a mascara formula that contains silk extract and glycerin; it gives an ideal and silky coating to your lashes. We chose for you Miss Hippie from L’Oréal Paris; it glides on your lashes to give a natural look with no clumping.


Some types of mascara are thickening and lengthening at the same time making the choice easier. If you want a captivating look, which mascara will you choose?

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