What is the best nail polish for dark hands?

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
What is the best nail polish for dark hands?
What is the best nail polish for dark hands?

Choosing a nail polish color can be a lot confusing. Nail polish exists in a wide variety of colors ranging from soft to bright and vivid. What is the most beautiful color for your hand color?

Nail polish colors vary according to skin color. Light and dark colors suit all skin colors, but you should know which shade suits best the color of your hands.

Dark skin is one of the most beautiful skin colors. Nail polish colors for dark hands are numerous; light colors give them elegance while dark colors give them a bold look. Bright colors look brighter and shinier when applied to dark hands.


Discover with us the best nail polish for dark hands:

1. Pink nail polish:

You can use pink nail polish but keep away from light shades of pink and resort to bright one such as dark pink or fuchsia.

2. Purple nail polish:

Whether light or dark, purple nail polish suits dark hands; you can choose a light mauve or a dark burgundy to emphasize the beauty of your hands.

3. Blue nail polish:

For a change, use blue nail polish in bright or dark shades. You can also try light blue but make sure it is more bluish than whitish. Try it before using it.

4. Nude nail polish:

Nail polish in light nude colors is the best for dark hands, especially beige and cream shades whether matte or shiny. These colors give an undeniable elegant and feminine touch to dark skin.

5. Red nail polish:

All red shades suit dark hands, but we recommend using dark shades such as wine to enhance the beauty of your hands in a captivating way.

6. Nail polish in neon colors:

Neon colors such as orange, yellow and fuchsia are considered the best for dark hands; they give your hands a bold, young and captivating look, especially in summer.

Finally, we advise you not to stick to one range of colors. If you are used to light colors, try dark or bright colors, and vice versa. The important thing is to know the color shades that suit your skin; try them all for a renewed look every day.

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