What is a concealer? Types and colors

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
What is a concealer? Types and colors
What is a concealer? Types and colors

Concealer is considered one of the most important cosmetic products. It is used to hide skin blemishes such as dark spots, acne scars, and dark circles around the eyes.

Following are types of concealer:

Creamy concealer;

Used by beauty experts to correct facial features; dark shades for making a nose look smaller and light shades for making features look bigger. Usually it comes in the form of a palette containing many shades; it suits all types of skin and gives a good long lasting coverage.

There are two kinds of creamy concealer:

  • First kind: the thick kind that covers blemishes very well; it is used only on the face and cannot be used around the eyes due to its thickness.
  • Second kind: the best one because it has a moisturizing effect in addition to coverage, and gives a more natural look


Liquid concealer:

Suits day makeup and hides dark circles; it gives a good coverage but not as strong as the one given by a creamy concealer.

Moisturizing and enriched with vitamins, it is used for dry and sensitive skin.

It is also used for mature skin because it contains collagen that helps hiding wrinkles.

It comes in many kinds:

  • First kind: oil free and matte for oily skin, it gives light coverage.
  • Second kind: suits mature skin; it has a firming effect to prevent concealer from settling into wrinkles.
  • Third kind: it is water proof and is used for people who suffer from excessive sweating.

Stick concealer:

It is used to hide dark circles and spots. Ideal for oily skin, it gives a full coverage and has a good staying power. Not recommended for dry or mature skin because it does not cover wrinkles in an effective way due to its thickness.

Pressed powder concealer:

It is used for light day coverage; can be applied over a liquid or creamy concealer as a second layer of coverage.

Loose powder concealer:

Differs from pressed powder concealer by its shine; it is used to illuminate the under eye area.

Lip concealer:

It comes in the form of a stick or a pencil.

Pencil concealer

It is used to enlarge or reduce lips and to cover wrinkles around the mouth. It has two ends: one dark and one light.

Stick concealer

It is used to cover dark or very red lips, and also to correct the lips. You can do without it if you use lipstick in a nude color.

Concealer colors:

When using a colored concealer, you should follow the principles of the color wheel where each color has an opposing complementary color; warm colors are opposed to cold colors and vice versa.

  • Green concealer

Used only on the face area to cover red pimples and blemishes;


  • Red concealer

It is used to cover green spots such as birth marks and bruises and to hide circles around the eyes; for very dark skin.

  • Orange concealer

It is used to cover blue spots especially under the eyes; for dark and medium skin.

  • Mauve concealer

It is used to cover a pallid complexion and give radiance and glow to the face.

  • Yellow concealer

It is used to hide bruises on the face and under the eyes; also used to cover birth marks or any light red spot in the face.

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