What are the different types of makeup products and tools

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
What are the different types of makeup products and tools
What are the different types of makeup products and tools

There are many types of makeup products to suit all types and colors of skin, and also to suit various occasions whether a light day makeup or a sumptuous evening one. 

Makeup products are ranges of cosmetics for each part of the face to enhance its beauty. 

Makeup tools are the mean for applying cosmetic products on your face in an easy way.

Each product has a special tool adapted to its application.




Primer is a cosmetic product that comes in the form of a cream and is quickly absorbed by the skin. It is applied before foundation, thus making the application of foundation easier. Primer moisturizes the skin; it also minimizes pores temporarily which reduce oil secretion giving makeup a longer staying power.


Foundation is one of the most important cosmetic products. It constitutes the basic layer of makeup; that’s why it is called a foundation. It hides blemishes and unifies skin color to give you a clear velvety skin. The foundation should be of the same color of your skin or one degree darker to give you a natural look.

Foundation comes in the form of a cream, a pressed powder or a stick to suits all types of skin, whether dry, oily or combination skin.


Concealer is also known as blemish corrector; it hides skin imperfections such as pimples and dark spots, in addition to dark circles around the eyes. Concealer is an indispensable product for day or evening makeup.

There are different types of concealer to suit different types of skin; concealer comes in the form of a liquid cream, a stick, a pencil or a pressed cream.

For an ideal coverage, we recommend using a concealer two degrees darker than your skin to hide dark circles and dark spots and then using a concealer two degrees lighter than your skin for a radiant skin.

Face powder:

Face powder is a light textured powder to be applied over the concealer and the foundation for setting them and letting makeup stay put for a longer time. It also absorbs excess sebum to give you a soft, velvety and non-shiny skin.

Contour and highlighter:

Contouring and highlighting is a new makeup technique; it emphasizes some features of the face and can modify other features you don’t like by hiding them or diminishing their appearance, such as shortening a long nose or slimming a chubby face and vice versa. The contour comes in a dark color to hide or lessen the appearance of a particular feature of the face, while the highlighter is always in a light color to illuminate features of the face you want to emphasize.

Contour and highlighter come in the form of a cream, a powder or a stick to suit different types of skin and different occasions.


Bronzer is a cosmetic product that comes in the form of a bronze color powder; it can be shiny or matte. A bronzer is applied over foundation to give your skin a natural and attractive summer tan. It is different from a blush which is only applied on cheeks.


Blush is a radiant color to give glow to your cheeks. Usually it comes in the form of a pressed powder; it is also available in a creamy form which lasts longer on skin than powder.



Kohl is one of the most important eye makeup products. It defines the shape of the eye and emphasizes its color in a charming way. It can also modify the shape of the eye; enlarging small eyes or widening hooded eyes.

Kohl comes in the form of a pencil or a powder such as Ithmid Kohl. Black kohl is the mostly used color but now it became trendy to use colored kohl such as white, turquoise, green and other colors that suit small eyes, give them radiance and make them look bigger. 


Eyeshadow is a cosmetic product which comes in various colors to give the eye a seductive shape and emphasize its color in an attractive way. Eyeshadow comes in the form of a pressed powder or a cream that has a more lasting effect; it can be matte or shiny to suit different occasions. Light eyeshadow is applied on the entire upper lid, while dark eyeshadow is applied on the outer arch of the eye and on the outer corner of the eye and under lower lashes.


Eyeliner is similar to black kohl but it comes in the form of a luminous liquid to give glow to your eyes. We often draw the shape of the eye with a kohl pencil then apply eyeliner to get a perfect drawing. Eyeliner comes in the shape of an easy to use pencil or as a pen with a thin brush or in a gel form to be applied with a special brush. There are many styles of eyeliner according to the shape of the eye such as French eyeliner for small eyes, cat eyeliner or winged eyeliner.


Mascara is the last step in eye makeup; it is the magical wand that gives unique long and thick lashes for a captivating look.

Mascara is liquid kohl applied with a special brush; it penetrates between lashes to coat them with kohl and make them look thicker and longer.

Black mascara is the most popular one, but mascara exists in various colors such as brown, purple or blue.        

There are many types mascara; lengthening mascara or thickening mascara to be used according to shape of the eye. But the best type remains the lengthening and thickening mascara at the same time. 

Eyebrow pencil

Eyebrow pencil is indispensable for drawing eyebrows. It defines brows and fills gaps in brows. It comes in various shades to suit different colors of eyebrows and give a natural look.

Eyebrow pencil is the basic cosmetic product for brow drawing; but now there are new other cosmetic products for drawing brows such as brow mascara and a brow gel. In addition you can draw them by using eyeshadow in the same color of the brow hair to fill gaps.



Lip contour pencil:

It is a defining pencil for lips; preferably it should be in the same color of the lips to give an attractive and natural look. Lips are defined by drawing a line adjacent to the natural border of lips; you can enlarge your lips by defining them beyond their borders to make them look bigger and fuller.


Lipstick is the color that adds radiance and glow to your lips; it comes in the form of a stick or as a creamy texture in a small container. It can be matte or shiny, and can be applied directly on lips, or by using fingers, or with a special brush.

Lip gloss 

Lip gloss has a lighter texture than lipstick; it has an amazing shine. There are many lip gloss colors to suits different occasions. You can apply lip gloss over lipstick for a glowing effect, or you can use it alone for a natural and radiant look.



There are many types of makeup tools to make application of makeup easier and more professional. Each type of cosmetic product has a special tool to match the size and the shape of different facial zones. You should take care of your makeup tools and clean them once a week at least to prevent accumulation of bacteria and germs that will harm your skin. 


Makeup brushes:


Makeup brushes are a range of differently shaped brushes to be used with different types of cosmetics.

There are 12 types of brushes in different shapes and for different uses such as eyeshadow brush, oblique head brush for blush, contour brush, blending brush, mascara brush and many other types.  

When cleaning a makeup brush, hold it upside down so water doesn’t ruin the brush handle. 

Makeup sponges:


Makeup sponges are a range of sponges with different shapes to suit different types of makeup application. The flat sponge is the oldest type and it is used to distribute foundation or face powder on the face. Lately, beauty blender sponges became widely used; they are a range of differently shaped sponges that adapt to the shape of the face to help applying makeup in an easy and smooth way.

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