Try cat eyeliner in four simple steps

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
Try cat eyeliner in four simple steps
Try cat eyeliner in four simple steps

Cat eyeliner has never gone out of fashion. It is simply renewed every year in different styles and techniques; it gives the eyes an attractive and bold shape, makes them look bigger, and lifts them up.

One of the most popular styles is a thick drawing that suits an evening look more than a day look.

How to draw cat eyeliner

Here are four easy steps to get a professional cat eye:

Apply primer on upper eyelid then draw with eyeliner a thin oblique line at the end of the eye as an extension of the lower lashes line; extend the line upward and end it before you reach the upper arch of the eye.

Then draw at the center of the eye above upper lashes another oblique line parallel to the first one, and extend toward the outer corner of the eye until it reaches the first line.

After that, fill the space between the two lines to get thick winged eyeliner.

Complete this look by drawing a line adjacent to your upper eyelashes from beginning to middle of eye until it reaches the winged drawing of the end of eye.



Try these simple steps to get a thick eye cat drawing for a captivating and bold look.

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