Tricks used by experts when applying foundation for an ideal and flawless makeup

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
Tricks used by experts when applying foundation for an ideal and flawless makeup
Tricks used by experts when applying foundation for an ideal and flawless makeup

Beauty experts work hard to achieve an ideal and flawless makeup that will accentuate the beauty and attractiveness of a woman. They insist on the fact that foundation should be applied in a professional manner to give a more attractive look. Below are essential steps to be followed when choosing and applying a foundation.

Prepare your skin in a good way


The most important step before applying foundation is to prepare the skin to be able to tolerate many layers of makeup. Use ice cubes to massage the skin for few minutes; this will help minimizing pores and prevent makeup products from clogging them. Wait a little for skin to calm down before applying foundation.


Apply concealer


Apply a concealer before distributing foundation on your skin; this will help to set foundation in a better way. Use concealer to hide blemishes or to contour the face before applying foundation. Start by applying concealer under the eyes to hide dark circles then put it on the nose line, around the lips and below cheeks. Apply foundation over your entire face and blend it well for an ideal makeup look. This will unify your skin color, protect it from stains and sets foundation in a better way.


Identify your skin type

For a well done makeup, you should first identify your skin type, this will help you choosing a foundation that suits your skin needs; for example, oily skin needs priming before applying a matte oil free foundation, and dry skin needs good moisturizing before applying foundation.


Choose the right shade of foundation


Experts insist on the need of selecting the color shade that suits your skin color. In general, it is preferable to use primer in two different shades, one darker and one lighter than foundation to hide skin blemishes in a professional way; for instance, in summer a tanned skin needs a primer in a caramel shade and a foundation in a lighter shade.  


Apply foundation with suitable brushes


Experts insist on the need to use suitable makeup tools to get a beautiful result. Avoid using your fingers to distribute and spread foundation on the skin. Make sure to choose a suitable brush or makeup sponge to obtain a full ideal coverage.


Put foundation on your lips

One of the beauty secrets revealed by experts is putting a little foundation over the lips to get a neutral shade before applying lipstick. This will accentuate the beauty of the lips and makes lipstick stay put for a longer time.


Apply a highlighter before foundation

For a natural shine, distribute a little highlighter on the nose line, cheeks and forehead before applying foundation. This will give a radiant and attractive look.


Use a brush or a wet sponge

Experts prefer to use a brush or a wet sponge to distribute foundation; it will give an amazing result and will let makeup stay put all day long.


Loose powder


After applying foundation, distribute a little quantity of loose powder on your face to help setting foundation and makeup; loose powder absorbs excess oil secreted by the skin. People who suffer from excess sweating should use pressed powder for better results.


Use a makeup setting spray

Makeup setting spray helps protecting makeup and makes it stay put for a longer time. Spray a little quantity over your face any time to get a radiant and fresh look as these setting sprays contain some moisturizing and refreshing ingredients.

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