Tricks from beauty experts to reduce big lips with makeup

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  • Monday, January 29, 2018

Women try hard to get the most beautiful look; some women like to enlarge their lips while others seek to reduce them. This is due to the difference in their facial features. Modern science has proved that makeup is the best and safest way to reduce lip size without any side effects or the need for aesthetic surgery and medicines, which could lead to complications or bodily rejections which are not yet known to us. How about getting acquainted with tricks used by beauty experts to reduce lip size with makeup?


- The first and most important step is taking care of lips by cleansing and moisturizing them on a daily basis to give them a refreshed and attractive look.


- Choose a foundation that matches your skin color and apply it on your lips to hide their natural border.


- Apply a concealer on the natural edge of your lips. Preferably, use a concealer lighter than your skin color then blend the concealer and foundation using a beauty blender sponge.

- Put translucent powder on your lips; this will hide the creamy effect of previous products and give a velvety aspect to yours lips.


- Now, draw a new lip border using a white contour pencil. Draw the border precisely.


- Apply lipstick inside the drawn borders and distribute homogeneously with a lip brush.

- Outline your lips with a contour pencil in a color that matches the chosen lipstick. Apply the color contour over the previously drawn white one.

 - Set lipstick with a touch of translucent powder; distribute powder evenly with a small brush.

As a last tip, we recommend using high quality cosmetic products and clean makeup brushes to obtain an attractive makeup. Don’t forget to distribute makeup homogeneously to cover your entire lips.

Makeup is a means for covering imperfections and enhancing the beauty of your features; so use it without exaggeration, and choose the colors that best suit your skin and the shape of your face to get a beautiful and elegant look.

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