Top 5 mistakes women commit when applying mascara

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
Top 5 mistakes women commit when applying mascara
Top 5 mistakes women commit when applying mascara

Mascara is an important step in makeup; it gives eyes a seductive look and a unique charm. But if incorrectly applied, mascara can yield the opposite result by making eyes lose their beauty and attractiveness.

You must be aware of the major mistakes so you can avoid them when applying mascara.

1. Some women think that the more layers they put, the more attractive their eyelashes will be. This is a misconception; the right way is to apply two coats of mascara.

2. Apply mascara on lashes from root to tip in order to get long eyelashes. Don’t start by applying it from middle of your lashes; this will only shorten their appearance.

3. Some women think that applying mascara on one side of the lashes, specifically on the outer corner of the eye, gives longer lashes and a more seductive look. But that’s a mistake many women commit; it actually makes eyes lose their spark.

4. Do not use a lash curler after applying mascara; this will make them stick together and lose their natural appearance and charm. Instead, curl your lashes directly before applying mascara.

5. make sure to close well your mascara tube after use; air entering the tube will cause mascara to clump and give an unpleasant look to your lashes.

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