Tips for an attractive makeup for university

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  • Wednesday, March 7, 2018
Tips for an attractive makeup for university
Tips for an attractive makeup for university

Life at university has dress and makeup standards that necessitate a balance between good looks, simplicity and practicality. 

Life at university is fast-paced, requiring high flexibility in all matters including the way you look.


If you want to wear makeup that's suitable for university, take the following tips into account.

The different types of makeup for university


A light makeup for university

For a light makeup, start by applying a thin layer of moisturizing cream, then a thin layer of foundation followed by a thin layer of sunscreen. After that, put a light touch of face powder, especially if you have oily skin. Apply blush in the following way: make a big smile and put blush on your cheekbones in the direction of your hairline until you reach the temples, especially if you want to reduce a large forehead.

Apply lipstick of a soft and quiet color; don’t use strong reds or dark colors. You can use a lip gloss instead of lipstick. For eye makeup, you can use eyeshadow, soft eyeliner or transparent mascara.


A quick makeup for university

Usually, a university student doesn’t have much time for herself. With time, you will get used to quickly put on makeup. Cleanse you skin every night before going to bed; use a face wash that right for your skin type. Exfoliate your skin from time to time. Use a sunscreen on daily basis; put a thin layer of sunscreen before applying foundation. Then apply blush over your cheekbones. Put a touch of powder on your lips to set the lipstick; use a soft-colored lipstick.

For a graduation party, you can use a strong-colored lipstick and black mascara.


Makeup for university if you are wearing a hijab

Both, university and hijab have their special makeup codes; you should wear a simple and soft makeup. Put a thin layer of foundation and a layer of sunscreen; add a touch of powder on your face to get rid of unwanted shine, especially if you have oily skin.

Apply blush on your cheekbones; use a quiet color. Then use a soft lipstick or a lip gloss. As for eye makeup, apply a coat of black or transparent mascara.

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