The makeup tools you need for natural eyebrow that suit your face

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
The makeup tools you need for natural eyebrow that suit your face
The makeup tools you need for natural eyebrow that suit your face

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• Defining eyebrows

• Filling eyebrows

• Thick eyebrows

• Large eyebrows

Drawing and defining eyebrows is one of the most important steps in makeup. Well-defined brows highlight the beauty of the eyes and play an important role in modifying the shape of the face; reducing its roundness, or widening one that is tall and thin.

There are numerous eyebrows drawings to suit different face and eye shapes such as light or thick, rounded or arched, thin or large eyebrow drawings.

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You might find it difficult to pick the right tools to define your eyebrows. That’s why L’Oréal Paris offers you the Brow Artist kit to help you easily get the perfect eyebrow line.


Here are 4 different methods to get a natural brow drawing that suits your face, with the help of the Brow Artist kit by L’Oréal Paris:

Defining eyebrows:

To define and draw your eyebrows, use the Brow Artist Shaper, which combines a pencil, a brush, and a fixing wax.


Steps to define and draw your eyebrows:

• Define your eyebrows with the pencil; you can extend them to make your eyes look wider.

• Fill in gaps by drawing hairs with the pencil for a more natural look.

• Comb your brows upward with the brush to distribute the color.

• Use the white end of the pencil, which contains wax, to set the brow line.


Filling gaps in eyebrows:

If your brows have a nice shape, all you need is to fill the gaps. Use the Brow Artist Genius Kit that contains pressed powder and a fixing wax in addition to a double-ended small brush, which has an angled brush for easy drawing on one end, and a mascara-type brush at the other end. In addition, it contains small tweezers for eyebrow grooming.


Follow these steps to fill gaps in your brows:

• With the angled brush: apply wax to define the brow shape.

• Apply the pressed powder to fill gaps.

• Comb your brows upward to distribute the color and to fix them.


Thick eyebrows:

Thick brows are the latest trend. To get this look, choose the Brow Artist Maker that consists of a double-ended pencil; a coloring pencil on one end and a small kabuki brush on the other end.


Get thick eyebrows in few quick steps:

• Draw your brows with the Brow Artist Maker pencil.

• Use the kabuki brush to blend the color and get amazing thick eyebrows!


Large eyebrows:

Large eyebrows are more fashionable than thin ones nowadays. To get a large natural brow drawing, use Brow Artist Sculpt. It is a unique brow brush with a felt tip applicator to draw and comb brows.


Get large eyebrows easily:

• Draw brows with the felt applicator and fill the gaps.

• Comb your brows upward with the mascara-type brush to define their shape.

Draw your eyebrows in a way that suits your face by using a tool from the Brow Artist range by L’Oréal Paris. A range of tools easy to use, carry, and store designed to give you a professionally-drawn natural brow.

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