Shine with an attractive natural look this summer

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
Shine with an attractive natural look this summer
Shine with an attractive natural look this summer

The name of this makeup technique can be confusing; how can a no-makeup look be wonderful?

A no-makeup makeup style relies on using cosmetic products in a smart way; it consists in accentuating the beauty of your skin in a way that gives the impression that you are not wearing any makeup on your face. No-makeup makeup is the top trend for spring/summer 2017 because heavy makeup doesn’t suit these seasons, especially the very hot summer season.

Discover how to apply a no-makeup makeup in easy steps:

1. To shine with a no-makeup look, you have to take care of your skin; therefore cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize your skin. In addition remove makeup every night before going to bed to keep a clear and healthy skin.

2. First, use a primer for a firm and non-shiny skin.

3. Use a concealer to hide dark circles under the eyes and skin blemishes; apply it in a thin layer. 

4. Choose matte or lightweight foundation such as a BB cream to cover the entire face; you can replace with a light coat of face powder.

5. Put a little blush on your cheekbones to add a refreshing radiance to your face. 

6. Use the strobing technique to slightly highlight prominent features of you face such as center of forehead, brow bones, cheeks, middle of nose and chin. This will give your face an amazing radiance. 

7. Define your eyebrows with a brow pencil in a color close to your hair color, or use brow mascara for a natural thick look.

8. You can use eyeshadow in a light color; preferably a creamy one to get a natural look or you can use a dark eyeshadow in place of eyeliner to draw a thin line above upper eyelashes.

9. Apply two coats of mascara on eyelashes to thicken and lengthen them for a captivating eye look.

10. Finally, use a velvety lipstick in a nude color such as pink, or use only a lip gloss for an attractive natural look.

This summer, emphasize your natural beauty by following these simple steps to apply a no-makeup makeup, the way top models do.

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