Shine with a strong Arabian makeup during Eid al Adha

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
Shine with a strong Arabian makeup during Eid al Adha
Shine with a strong Arabian makeup during Eid al Adha

Women love to look stunning, in particular during festive periods which are full of joyful events; therefore a special makeup which differs from an everyday makeup is needed.

How about applying an Arabian makeup during this Eid?


- Start your makeup by washing your face with a facewash suitable to your skin type; make sure to follow the instruction. Preferably, follow a skin care routine starting a least ten days before the Eid to prepare your skin for a beautiful makeup; if you have skin problems, exfoliate your skin one week before the Eid.

- Apply a moisturizing cream suitable to your skin type and avoid creams that contain oils if you have an oily skin. Preferably, choose creams that contain natural nourishing ingredients.


- First, use a nourishing primer if your skin is tired and dull; distribute the primer with a soft bristle brush to let your makeup stay put for a longer time.

- Choose a foundation suiting your skin color and distribute it on your entire face with a brush; you can use a makeup sponge to dab it gently under the eyes. Use the face contouring technique to emphasize the beauty of your cheeks; use a foundation one degree darker than the previous one and apply it under cheekbones using the flat surface of the makeup sponge.


- Apply concealer under your eyes to hide dark circles; spread it by dabbing gently with a makeup sponge.

- Set your makeup by applying face powder with a large soft bristle brush; sweep the brush gently over your entire face, in particular over your cheeks.

- Define your eyebrows with a brow pencil in a light brown color; eyebrows play an important role in makeup so fill the gaps and try to draw appropriate borders.


- Choose an eyeshadow in a nude color and distribute it with a fine brush on entire upper eyelid then put some of it on lower eyelid using the same brush. Apply brown eyeshadow at outer corner of eye directly on the eye bone, and blend colors using a blending brush. Then combine white and banana yellow colors with a brush and apply the mix directly under eyebrow and on mobile eyelid by dabbing gently with the brush. After that, blend all colors using a blending brush. Put a little plum eyeshadow on the fine brush and apply it at eye bone, on upper and lower eyelids, to give your makeup a livelier look.

- Put some primer on a beveled brush and pass it on edge of eye to clean the area from eyeshadow residues and delimit the eyeliner area. Use thin and non-retractable brush eyeliner. Start at the edge of outer corner of eye, delimited with primer, and draw a continuous line toward inner corner reaching the tear line. Then draw a short and thin line at tear line to join the eyeliner with the kohl line that will be put inside the eye. - Use some dark brown kohl to define the lower inner eye rim reaching the tear line

- Put some gold kohl at tear line between eyeliner and previously drawn brown line; also put some it above the eyeliner line.

- Put false lashes using the special glue; then combine false lashes and natural eyelashes using lengthening and thickening mascara to get a sharp and seductive eye expression.

Also discover: this makeup will reveal the beauty and wideness of Arab eyes

- Put a plum color blush on your cheeks to reveal their natural beauty.

- Apply highlighter on cheekbones, chin and nose bone.

Define your lips with a dark pink contour pencil then apply a dark pink lipstick and blend with a small brush. If you like this makeup style which reveals the beauty of your facial features and gives more width to your eyes, apply it for a seductive look during the Eid.

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