Shine with a pink makeup for veiled women

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
Shine with a pink makeup for veiled women
Shine with a pink makeup for veiled women

Women love to try different makeup styles, but prefer a makeup that suits all kinds of occasions. If you are looking for such a style, discover pink makeup which is characterized by its softness and its ability to hide skin imperfections in a natural way without modifying facial features. It is a style preferred by many women for it makes them look younger, and especially by veiled women for it gives a beautiful look with the veil.


How about learning, in easy steps, how apply an outstanding pink makeup that suits casual and official appearances:

Take care of your skin


- Makeup looks more beautiful on a refreshed and revitalized skin; therefore take good care of your skin.

- Use, morning and evening, a face wash that suits your skin type; put a little amount on your skin then distribute by massaging your face in a circular motion to stimulate blood circulation for a rosy glow.

- Follow a daily beauty routine; use moisturizing, and anti-aging creams to keep a refreshed and young looking skin.

- Use nourishing masks; your skin needs constant nourishing with essential minerals and vitamin. Make sure to choose masks made from natural ingredients to keep your skin away from chemicals, for best results.

Preparing the skin for makeup:


- The first step is applying a primer; experts advise not to skip this step because primer is essential for setting and enhancing makeup.


- Choose a foundation that suits your skin color and distribute with a beauty blender over your entire face and neck.


- Apply concealer under your eyes to hide dark circles; choose a concealer one degree lighter than your skin color and apply it by gently dabbing to hide dark circles in the best way.

- Cover foundation with face powder; you can use a translucent powder or a colored one that suits your skin color. This will set foundation in a better way and give it a more beautiful and natural look.

- Add a little pink blush on your cheeks for a rosy glow

Eye makeup:


- Apply primer on entire eyelid in a homogeneous way; this will set eyeshadow and make its color look more attractive.

- Arrange your eyebrows with a brow pencil in the same color of your hair. Start by drawing eyebrows, hair by hair, and then comb them with a special brow brush to distribute the color for a natural look.

- As for eyeshadow, you have many alternatives; choose what suits your skin color and the shape of your eyes. Apply a matte bronzing powder on entire eyelid using a brush; distribute it and blend it well. Choose a white eyeshadow and apply it directly under the eyebrow and at tear line. Then put pink eyeshadow on mobile eyelid and some purple eyeshadow on eye crease. Blend colors with a blending brush to get an outstanding pink eye makeup.


If you love smoky eyeshadow, apply a nude eyeshadow on entire eyelid in a random way and apply a darker pink eyeshadow on mobile eyelid. Then, put some black eyeshadow on outer corner of eye. After that, start blending colors to get an attractive smoky pink eye makeup. If you love soft makeup, apply and blend with a brush a light pink eyeshadow on entire mobile eyelid to get a soft pink eye makeup.For evening, you can use a shiny pink eyeshadow by following above mentioned methods.

- To illuminate the eyes, put black kohl inside the eye, and define your eye with black eyeliner in a cat eye or a winged style.

- To give your eye a feminine and attractive look, apply two coats of mascara. If you wish, you can use false eyelashes to thicken lashes with this makeup style.

Lip makeup


- To set lipstick in a better way, apply a lip moisturizer.

- Apply foundation on your lips and distribute it well.

- Define your lips with a pink contour pencil then apply a pink lipstick with a lip brush and distribute it in a homogeneous way.

- Apply a coat of lip gloss for a shinier look. By following above steps, you will get a makeup which will enhance the beauty of your face and the elegance of your veil.

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