Ideas for a makeup in earth tones from Instagram

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
Ideas for a makeup in earth tones from Instagram
Ideas for a makeup in earth tones from Instagram

Makeup in earth tones suits all skin colors and especially medium or dark skins; this makes it ideal for Arab women. You can use brown alone or mix it with suitable colors such as gold, blue and black.

Velvety eye-shadows are used for a soft natural day makeup while shiny eye-shadows in earth tones are used for an evening makeup. You can use eye-shadows in earth tones alone for a soft makeup or add some eyeliner for an attractive eye makeup.

Learn, in steps, how to apply a simple makeup in earth tones:

Face makeup:

1. Apply a concealer to hide dark circles and skin blemishes.

2. Use a foundation two degrees darker than your skin color; if your skin is fair use a color tending to bronze.

3. Use the contouring and highlighting technique according to the shape of your face, or use some bronzer and blush.

Eye makeup:

1. Light day makeup:

Put eye-shadow in a beige color on your entire mobile upper eyelid. Then apply a matte eye-shadow in light or slightly dark brown on outer corner of eye, or define only the inner rim of the eye to accentuate the shape of the eye. Don’t forget to apply mascara to lengthen and thicken your eyelashes.

2. A sumptuous evening makeup:

Apply a shiny eye-shadow on the entire mobile upper eyelid then apply a light brown, bronze or copper eye-shadow under the brow bone. Define your eyes with eyeliner according to their shape. Finally, put two coats of mascara or use false eyelashes. You can also define the interior of your eye with black kohl or with any light color if your eyes are small.

Lip makeup:

1. Use lipstick in a nude color for a captivating natural look whether for a light day makeup or a sumptuous evening one.

2. If you like dark lipstick, you can use a dark brown or burgundy color for an amazing bold look. In the attached album, we gathered from Instagram the best ideas for makeup in earth tones. Get inspired for your various occasions and choose what suits you.

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