Rym Saidi’s bridal makeup

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
Rym Saidi’s bridal makeup
Rym Saidi’s bridal makeup

On the first of September, Lebanon witnessed the wedding of television presenter Wissam Breidy and Tunisian model Rym Saidi. The event which took place at Chateau Rweiss, Keserwan, was attended by many personalities from the world of art, politics and media.


The wedding was grandiose and the bride looked stunning in a dress created by international Lebanese designer Georges Hobeika. Her outstanding and beautiful makeup was done by international beauty expert Hala Ajam.


Beauty expert Hala adopted a style that accentuated Rym’s natural beauty. Since Rym’s fair and clear skin doesn’t require the use of a lot of cosmetics, Hala relied on a 3D makeup technique.


- She used a light translucent primer to ensure a long lasting and radiant makeup and to protect Rym’s soft skin from the harmful effects of cosmetics.


- She chose a soft foundation in a light color that suits Rym’s skin color and spread it with a brush and a makeup sponge.

- She used a peach concealer under the eyes to hide dark circles and puffiness, adding more beauty to Rym’s eyes. She blended the concealer and the foundation with a blending brush to unify the color.

- To set foundation in a better way, she applied powder in a light color over the entire face.


- Rym has black eyes full of life and her self-confidence reflects in a seductive manner on her face. Hala used a 3D technique to accentuate Rym’s beauty. She chose earth color eyeshadows and applied them in a special manner; she started by spreading the light peach color in a random way on the entire upper eyelid, then used a lighter color in a beige shade and applied it on mobile eye lid and she also applied some white eyeshadow on the tear line of the eye.

- She defined the eye with eyeliner by drawing a soft winged line extending outside the border of the eye. At the end of this line at outer corner of eye, she slightly blended some black eyeshadow between mobile and fixed eyelids to give a more 3D effect to makeup.

- She used false eyelashes to give eyes a more seductive and feminine look; she combined false and natural eyelashes with lengthening and thickening mascara.

- She used black kohl inside the rim of the eye to add sharpness and beauty to the eye expression.

- She groomed eyebrows in a nice way to accentuate their natural beauty, and filled only gaps with an eyebrow pencil.

- Rym’s full lips don’t need much lipstick to emphasize their beauty; Hala applied a primer then a lipstick in a metallic pink color.

- She emphasized the beauty of the cheeks with a light peach blush.

- Then she applied a highlighter on cheekbones, under the eyes, on the nose bone in a vertical way, on the forehead and on the chin.

Rym Saidi was listed among the most beautiful women in the world; with her svelte body and soft oriental features, she ranked in the 8th position among the most beautiful women in the world in 2013.


After a romantic love story, Rym and Wissam got married. They met during the 4th edition of Dancing with the Stars; Wissam was presenting the TV program and Rym was a contestant. We wish them a happy life.

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