Outstanding and attractive burgundy smoky eye makeup

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
Outstanding and attractive burgundy smoky eye makeup
Outstanding and attractive burgundy smoky eye makeup

“Wear a burgundy smoky eye makeup for a glamorous look”

Smoky makeup is one of the important styles in eye makeup; it can be applied in many colors such as a burgundy color which increases the shine, charm and beauty of the eyes.


How about learning, from most famous beauty experts, how to apply a smoky makeup in a manner that keeps up with latest fashion? By applying following steps, you will get a beautiful look full of vitality:


A clean, blemish-free skin allows makeup to appear more beautiful. Therefore make sure to cleanse your skin daily with a suitable wash and to pamper it weekly with a nourishing mask.


Choose a moisturizing cream that suits your skin type and apply it on your face and neck; distribute it well and make sure to moisturize your face twice a day at least, to maintain skin youth and radiance.


Start your makeup by applying a primer on your entire face. Experts recommend not skipping this important and beautifying step; primer keeps makeup in place for a longer time, regulates skin oil secretions and gives you a soft skin full of youth and vitality, in addition it reduces the quantity of makeup to be used.

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- Start your eye makeup by applying a primer on the entire lid; this will allow eyeshadow to look shinier and more beautiful.


- Groom your brows and comb them with brow mascara for an outstanding result. If you suffer from sparse brows, fill gaps with a brow corrector in a suitable color. Apply a concealer under the brows to make them look neat and more attractive.

- Apply a light brown eyeshadow on the entire lid using a medium brush, and try to distribute the color in an even way. After that apply the burgundy eyeshadow on the mobile lid at the outer corner of the eye only. With a suitable blending brush, distribute and blend the two colors, the dark color toward outer edge of the eye and the light color toward the inner part of the eye to get an attractive and outstanding smoky eye makeup.

- Define your eyes in a winged cat eyeliner style using an eyeliner brush to get captivating eyes. Put some black inside the eyelid to enhance the beauty of your eyes.

- Use false eyelashes for a more seductive and feminine look. Put mascara to merge the false and natural eyelashes together.

- Start your skin makeup by applying liquid foundation on your entire face and spread it with a brush and a beauty blender sponge.

- Put a little concealer under the eyes to hide dark circles and spread it by taping with a beauty blender for a perfect coverage.

- Use a translucent powder to cover the foundation for a glowing look. - Use a fan brush to put highlighter on your cheeks for more radiance.

- Choose a lipstick in a wine dark color and apply it using a lip brush to get full and feminine lips.

By following these steps you will get a burgundy smoky makeup for a trendy look.

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