On your wedding day, glow with a makeup that reveals your beautiful skin

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
On your wedding day, glow with a makeup that reveals your beautiful skin
On your wedding day, glow with a makeup that reveals your beautiful skin

Every girl dreams to look like a fairy tale princess on her wedding day; therefore every girl should learn how to choose the makeup that will best reveal the beauty of her face. Choices are vast and confusing; that why we will give you some tips to help you choosing the best makeup for your wedding day.

Moisturize your skin and take care of it


Three weeks before the wedding date, make sure to cleanse your skin daily; once a day with a facial wash suitable to your skin type, and many times a day with water alone. Every day apply rose water on your skin to refresh it. Remove makeup residues daily by using a makeup remover that suits your skin type; for instance, if you have a sensitive skin, choose a gentle facial wash, but if your skin is oily we recommend using an exfoliating facial wash to gently remove excess oil and dead cells.

You can use a toner; many women don’t realize the importance of using it in a beauty routine. In fact dead cells which appear on the surface of the skin tend to be acidic with a pH value reaching 2.2; when we wash our face with an alkaline soap, the pH value increases to 7 or 8 which is a very unhealthy level. Toner plays an important role by bringing back pH to a 5.5 level.

Don’t forget to use a moisturizing cream that suits your skin type; moisturizer diminishes water evaporation in winter i.e. it retains moisture inside the skin. For instance, use an oily moisturizer if your skin is dry, and use a lightweight water based moisturizer if you have an oily skin.





Apply a primer on your skin to fill fines lines and skin cracks; this will allow makeup stay put for a longer time and gives you a softer skin. Also apply an eye primer to make eyeshadow stay in place for a longer time and to keep colors radiant.


Use a foundation that suits your skin color; apply it in thin layers without putting too much.  Then blend foundation with primer by using a makeup sponge or a medium size brush, starting from the center of the face and going outward; spread it on the lids area, under the eyes and on the neck too.



Apply a layer of concealer under your eyes to hide dark circles; if they are still apparent, apply a second layer and blend it well with first one.


Put a little powder and spread it well on your face with a powder brush; this will give makeup a nicer look.


Use a highlighter for a more radiant skin. Apply highlighter on your cheekbones, at the inner corner of your eye, under your eyebrows and at the center of your nose. Highlighter comes in the form of a creamy powder or in a liquid form. Choose the type that suits you.


Put blush for an outstanding natural look. Smile as wide as you can then apply blush on cheekbones. Use a color that suits your skin; the best color for an ideal and natural look is plum or coral.





Use black eyeliner on upper lashes line. You can use black kohl inside the eye; it will give more sharpness and seduction to your eyes.


Apply one or two coats of waterproof mascara from beginning to end of upper lashes then comb them well; if you wish, you can curl your lashes with a lash curler to enhance their length and thickness.

Eyebrow pencil:

Groom your eyebrows in a professional way, one week before wedding day. Use a brow pencil in a color close to your hair color to define their shape; don’t overemphasize them in order to keep a natural look.


Use eyeshadow in light, medium and dark colors. Apply the light color on the eyelid from the lash line to the brow line. Apply the medium color in the eyelid crease or a little higher. Apply the dark color at the outer corner of the eye. For instance, you can use an ivory color as light color, and mauve, pink or blue as dark color; the medium color will be a light shade of the dark color.



You should prepare your lips before applying lipstick so it can last for a longer time; put some translucent powder on your lips then lipstick, and then powder again. Define your lips with a contour pencil and the apply lipstick in a color that matches eye makeup. You can choose a dark color, a classic red or a nude color. You can also add a layer of lip gloss. 

By following these steps, you will get an outstanding attractive makeup on your wedding day.

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