Nancy Ajram’s makeup at Jerash Festival by Rita Berkachi

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
Nancy Ajram’s makeup at Jerash Festival by Rita Berkachi
Nancy Ajram’s makeup at Jerash Festival by Rita Berkachi

Nancy Ajram gave a great performance at the 2017 Jerash Festival, and as usual she appeared in soft and elegant look; she chose a quiet makeup in earth colors that suited her simple black and white dress.


The secret of Nancy Ajram’s soft look

Nancy doesn’t like loud makeup and prefers the quiet one that reveals her baby face features. Her personal beauty expert, Rita Berkachi, knows how to help her in putting a natural makeup; she uses eyeshadow in soft earth or pink colors and lipstick in a soft nude color to reflect the freshness and the radiance of Nancy’s face.


How to do Nancy Ajram’s makeup, in steps

1. Before applying makeup, you should take care of your skin; make sure to cleanse and moisturize your skin every day, and exfoliate it once a week.

2. Apply concealer to hide dark circles under the eyes and dark spots on the face.

3. Choose a lightweight foundation in a shade close to your skin color, or by one degree darker, for an ideal coverage and a natural look revealing the softness and the radiance of your skin.

4. Apply a little soft pink or peach blush on your cheeks for a radiant look.

5. Apply a satin pink eyeshadow on entire mobile eyelid and a light brown eyeshadow in the eye crease and on outer corner of eye to define the eye and accentuate its shape.

6. Draw a fine line under the eye with an eyeshadow in earth color.

7. You can put eyeliner in a thin line above upper eyelashes or define the interior of the eye with black kohl.

8. Use lengthening and thickening mascara; apply two coats or more for a captivating eye expression.

9. Apply lipstick in a nude pink, peach or pastel color for a natural and soft look.

Reveal your natural beauty and your baby face features by following above simple and quick steps to adopt Nancy Ajram’s makeup.

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