Get inspired by Myriam Fares’ exceptional look at the Ferzol festival

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
Get inspired by Myriam Fares’ exceptional look at the Ferzol festival
Get inspired by Myriam Fares’ exceptional look at the Ferzol festival

The Queen of the Stage, Miriam Fares, gave a wonderful performance at the Ferzol Festival on August 5. The event was attended by a huge audience who responded to Myriam’s invitation on her official Instagram page; they came from all the regions of Lebanon to attend this concert and interact with the performance of their beloved artist.

At the end of the concert, Myriam was honored by the President of the Saint Paul Movement who awarded her an honorary shield in appreciation of her efforts and contribution.

Myriam Fares appeared on stage in her usual elegance wearing a black dress embroidered with small red roses; she also chose to wear diamond earrings inlaid with red stones for a more magnificent look. Her makeup expert excelled in producing a makeup for medium, wheat-colored skin; her clear and blemish-free face doesn’t require the use of many cosmetics. To reveal the beauty of her facial features, he used a light bronze eye makeup, defined the inside of her eyes with black kohl and applied lengthening and thickening mascara on her eyelashes.  He also applied a little blush on her cheeks for a livelier look and used a light pink lipstick for a natural and harmonious appearance.

To get an elegant makeup like Myriam Fares, follow the steps below:

Face makeup:

Deeply cleanse your face by using a foam face wash to get rid of dirt stuck in skin pores; moisturize your face using day and night moisturizing creams to prevent skin dryness and preserve its freshness and youth. Makeup appears more beautiful on fresh skin.

Apply a primer before wearing makeup to get a soft, velvety, and shine-free skin and to give makeup better staying power.

Put foundation in a color that matches your skin tone, or is one degree darker; bronze is considered to be the most suitable color for medium-colored skin.

Cover foundation with a bronze face powder to reveal the radiance of your medium wheat color skin.

Use a little bronze or peach blush; apply it with a soft bristle brush on your cheeks for amazing radiance.

Eye makeup:

Choose earth colors in gold or bronze; apply eyeshadow on the entire upper eyelid.

If you like to define your eyes with black or brown eyeliner, draw it in a simple way.

Put deep black kohl inside the eyes for more radiance.

Lips makeup:

Choose a shade in a natural nude color such as light pink. You can use lip gloss alone for an attractive natural look.

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