Most important steps to take care of nails before applying nail polish

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
Most important steps to take care of nails before applying nail polish
Most important steps to take care of nails before applying nail polish

Before applying nail polish, you should take care of your nails and hands; healthy nails and soft hands are essential to the beauty of a manicure.


What are the most important steps for taking care of nails before applying nail polish?

A well done manicure adds to the beauty and elegance of your hands provided you take care of your nails in the correct way:

1- Clean your nails daily with a nail brush to remove impurities.


2- Trim your nails weekly and file them in a round or rectangular way for a more elegant look.

3- Keep your manicure tools in a clean condition to avoid contaminating your nails with germs and bacteria; clean the tools dipping them in hot water for 5 minutes every week or after each use.

4- Cut and file your nails weekly but not daily; filing nails every day can weaken them more quickly.


5- Moisturize and take care of nails and cuticles; use continuously a nourishing product for nails and a moisturizer for cuticles to keep your nails and hands in a good condition.


6- Use a good quality nail products; apply a base coat before applying nail polish to create an isolating layer between nail and nail polish.

7- Clean the skin around you nails if stained with polish to keep your fingers healthy; nail polish prevents skin from breathing.


8- If you wear nail polish in a regular way, you should remove it once a week for a whole day to keep your nails in a good condition.

9- When removing nail polish, use a polish remover of good quality to keep your nails healthy.

10- Remove nail polish gently without pressing on nails and use a piece of cotton to remove nail polish.

11- After removing nail polish, your nail might look yellowish due to pigments and chemicals contained in nail polish. To get rid of this yellowish color, clean your nails with a mixture of milk and lemon.

12- Take care of your nails; don’t bite them and don’t use them to open cans or anything else that can damage them.

13- Adopt a balanced diet; eat food containing suitable quantities of proteins, vitamins and minerals to keep your nails beautiful and healthy.

14- Drink enough water; lack of water in the body may lead to weak and breakable nails.

15- Use gloves when doing domestic chore to avoid any direct contact between nails and hands with detergent products.

16- After working with water, put almond oil on your nails and wrap them with a warm piece of cloth for 15 minutes.

By following these steps, you will get beautiful nails and soft hands that will enhance your beauty and elegance.

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