Most important secrets of Suhair al Qaisi’s makeup

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
Most important secrets of Suhair al Qaisi’s makeup
Most important secrets of Suhair al Qaisi’s makeup

Suhair al Qaisi is a well-known figure in the television world; she is an outstanding news anchor on MBC followed by a large audience due to her presentation skills and her appearance in elegant clothes, hair style and makeup. Also discover: Buthaina al Raisi’s most beautiful appearances in a bronze makeup.

How about discovering Suhair al Qaisi’s most important makeup secrets

Suhair has a wheat color skin and wide eyes; she uses makeup to show the beauty of her features without bringing any radical change to her face. Her choices are correct; they are in harmony with the spirit of fashion and trends.

- Her outstanding eye makeup made her beauty icon; she relies on smoky makeup in darks shades and excels in mixing colors. In one of her appearances she mixed a burgundy color with a smoky one and used them as eyeshadow; she also used the dark color on her lower eyelid for an outstanding touch and a unique look. This makeup style makes her eyes look wider and gives them more seduction and mystery.

- Suhair loves eyeliner and applies it in a cat eye style most of the time; she uses a kohl pencil over eyeliner for a more defined and exceptional drawing.

- Suhair uses black kohl to define the inside of her eyes and give them the Arabian look praised by poets in ancient times.

- She uses false eyelashes on the upper eyelid only; she adds thickness to her eyelashes by sticking individual false lashes in the same length as her natural ones, and uses two coats of mascara to combine them.

- She uses colored lenses to give her eyes a special look in harmony with her makeup.

- Her eyebrows are the secret of her elegance. She defines them slightly using gel kohl to draw them one by one; therefore keeping their natural look with only a slight modification to enhance their beauty.

- Her lip makeup is simply amazing. She reveals the fullness of her lips with lipstick; she uses a lip contour pencil to draw a new lip border and blur the natural one and then uses lipstick in a color that suits her eye makeup.

- She uses face contouring in a style that enhances the beauty and fullness of her cheeks and makes her nose look smaller by blurring its edges. In doing so, she attracts attention to the beautiful parts of her face.

- She uses face powder and blush in a very professional way to cover the face contour and give her cheeks more glow and prominence.

We gathered in the attached album some of Suhair’s photos from her Instagram account so you can get inspired for your makeup and be a captivating princess.

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