Model Roz in a stunning no-makeup look!

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
Model Roz in a stunning no-makeup look!
Model Roz in a stunning no-makeup look!

Model Roz appeared lately with a new stunning no-makeup look, while previously she used to wear a heavy makeup and false eyelashes.

She posted on her Instagram account photos of her in a no-makeup look that was seen recently on fashion podium and copied all over the world.


A no-makeup look makeup is based on using basic makeup product in a natural, soft way to enhance beauty in a stunning manner.

Why not trying the no-makeup look for a soft autumn makeup like model Roz did. Try it to amaze people around you with a different look that emphasizes your beautiful features without changing or masking them.


How to create, like model Roz, a no-makeup makeup for a natural look:

1. Make sure to cleanse and moisturize your skin before applying makeup. A well done no-makeup makeup look depends on how beautiful and healthy your skin is.

2. First of all apply a primer; it will give your skin an ideal firm appearance without any brilliance or fine lines. It will also make your makeup stay in place for a longer time.


3. Start by combing upward your eyebrows and filling gaps with a brow pencil or an eyeshadow in a color close to your hair color in order to get a natural eyebrow drawing.


4. Eye makeup: apply a light nude eyeshadow on the entire upper eyelid and under the eye to give your eyes a stunning radiance.

5. Comb your upper and lower lashes with mascara to thicken and lengthen them. Make sure it is a non-clump mascara to give your lashes a natural look. Try: Monsieur Big mascara

6. You can apply a very thin line of eyeliner on the upper eyelid, and define the interior of your eye with a beige color to widen and highlight it.

7. After that apply a light textured foundation in a color close to your skin color or one degree darker to hide blemishes and unify skin color.

8. Apply a concealer to hide dark circles under the eyes, or to cover any skin imperfection such as acne scars.

9. Use powder to contour and highlight your features; contouring should be done with a natural color such as peach or light brown and not a dark color. Instead of contouring, you can use a bronzer. Model Roz used the strobing technique to highlight her features such as cheek bones, center of forehead and upper lip.


10. Define your lips with a lip contour pencil of a color close to your skin color. Then apply lipstick in a soft nude color such as pink or beige. You can also use a lip gloss for an attractive, natural look.

Adopt the light makeup model Roz by following above steps, and glow with a soft autumn look that suits your daily activities.

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