Makeup tricks to shine in selfies

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
Makeup tricks to shine in selfies
Makeup tricks to shine in selfies

Advances in technology carried with them many new customs that were not widespread before such as posting selfies on social media; but some women fear from looking unattractive in selfies and also complain that selfies reveal skin flaws in a visible manner.


How about discovering with us some makeup tricks which allow taking beautiful selfies



Don’t ever skip this step; primer helps hiding fine lines and dark spots. Also try to keep your mobile camera as far as possible from your face to avoid the appearance of skin flaws in a visible way; new mobile cameras have advanced technological features.


Avoid mistakes when applying foundation; do your best to distribute foundation in a homogeneous way on the entire face and neck to prevent a visible color difference between face and neck in selfies.



For a natural look and an attractive glow, blush should be in a light pink color for fair skin and in plum and bronze colors for dark skin. Make sure to apply some blush on your cheeks before taking a selfie to avoid appearing pale. Use an appropriate amount of blush and apply it with a large soft bristle brush to keep a radiant skin.


It is the most important cosmetic for your eye makeup; applied in a precise and elegant manner, eyeliner adds to the seduction of the eyes and gives a more beautiful look in selfies.



Mascara has a magical effect on eye expression; therefore make sure to use lengthening and thickening mascara. Apply two coats of mascara and use a lash curler to enhance the beauty and elegances of your eyelashes before taking a selfie.

Grooming of eyebrows

You should groom your eyebrows to reveal the beauty and attractiveness of your face; fill the gaps, otherwise they will be visible on a selfie. Choose a suitable color and define eyebrows in a hair by hair manner to give them a thick and natural look. This will allow for a more beautiful selfie.

Using cosmetic products in moderate amounts

It is of prime importance not to use exaggerated amounts of cosmetics; this will not make you look more beautiful, but on the contrary will give you an undesirable artificial look. Use makeup in suitable amounts to get an attractive and lively look.

By following above steps, you will get beautiful selfies.

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