Makeup tips for women with small lips

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
Makeup tips for women with small lips
Makeup tips for women with small lips

Every woman dreams to be beautiful by modern standards.

All women desire is to have full lips, because they are considered a symbol of femininity and seduction.

Resorting to plastic surgery may not be the best solution since the result is not always guaranteed. That’s why we are going to give you some makeup tips that will make your lips look fuller and more seductive:

• When applying foundation, also put it on your lips.

• Apply a thin layer of powder as a base for a long lasting lipstick.

• Contour your lips with lip pencil that matches your lip color. Draw the contour beyond the lip borders by 2 mm approximately.

• After drawing a contour, fill your lips entirely with the lip pencil.

• Then apply lipstick that closely matches the contour’s color. Distribute it on all over your lips and blend it with the contour.

• You can also use a lip gloss which will add more fullness to your lips; make sure to apply it at the center of the lips, away from the edges.

• If you have small lips, avoid using dark red colors because they will make your lips look smaller.

• Main colors that suit thin lipstick are bronze, pink and beige because they reflect light well.

• Colors you have to avoid are copper and dark brown shades.

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