Makeup tips for oily skin

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  • Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Oily skin has its advantages; it slows down the aging process and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. But buying makeup products that suit an oily skin can be difficult.

You should take great care of this kind of skin, especially when it comes to daily cleansing, exfoliation, moisturizing and pore minimizing.

Below are some makeup tips for oily skin:


- Make sure to exfoliate your face from time to time, preferably by a beautician because she knows how to deal with oily skin. Over-exfoliation stimulates sebaceous glands and pushes them to secrete more oil; that is why only a beautician can decide when and how to exfoliate an oily skin.

- Daily cleansing is very important; use a daily facewash for oily skin. You can find it under many brands in cosmetics shops.


- Make sure to minimize skin pores before putting makeup; pass an ice cube on your face or put a little alcohol on a clean piece of cotton and pass it quickly over your face. You can find several pore minimizing products in the market. Don’t expose your face to too much heat and steam for they both enlarge pores.

- It is important to moisturize an oily skin well, on condition to use an oil free moisturizing cream.  When buying a moisturizing cream, make sure it is for oily skin. Apply a thin layer of moisturizer before putting makeup.


- Apply a layer of primer before putting foundation and powder; primer lets makeup stay put up to 5 hours longer. Use a brush to apply an oil free foundation; don’t use your fingers for they will generate heat that might open pores and lead to quick makeup melting. Apply a layer of loose powder on your oily skin; it helps in absorbing skin brilliance.

- Use powder-based cosmetics instead of cream based ones; they stay put for a longer time and minimize the annoying reflection of light on oily skin. This goes for all your makeup products including eyeshadows and blush. Choose matte rich lipsticks and avoid creamy and shiny ones.


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