Makeup secrets of Julia, the beautiful Russian Ms. World

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
Makeup secrets of Julia, the beautiful Russian Ms. World
Makeup secrets of Julia, the beautiful Russian Ms. World

Julia Ionina, a Russian beauty, was crowned the most beautiful married woman of the world in 2014. Julia won the competition over 40 women and became Ms. World. She largely deserved the title; her beauty is stunning, her green wide eyes are captivating and she has a svelte body although she is the mother of three children. 

Julia is very popular on social media platforms with more than 100 thousand followers; they posted her photos on social media years after her coronation. Julia loves to take care of herself and prefers natural makeup styles that emphasize her beauty without changing her looks or make her look like somebody else.

How about discovering Julia’s makeup steps?

- Julia takes care of her skin and cleanses it daily to remove makeup residues. She also makes facial steam baths to unclog skin pores; this gives her a more radiant look.

- She makes sure to use day and night moisturizing creams in a regular way; she chooses creams made of natural ingredients to give her skin the care it deserves.

- She uses a medium coverage foundation in the color of her skin; most of the time she doesn’t need it because she has a clear blemish free skin.

- She covers foundation with a translucent powder for a more radiant and lively look.

- She wears a natural makeup style in most of her appearances; she puts eyeshadow in a nude color to emphasize the beauty of her features. 

- To illuminate her eyes, she uses eyeliner to draw a thin line at the base of her eyelashes for a beautiful look. 

- She curls her eyelashes with a lash curler then applies mascara for a more seductive and feminine look.

- Julia has beautiful eyebrows; she grooms and combs her eyebrow but doesn’t use an eyebrow corrector.

- She puts blush in a light pink color to give her cheeks a natural glow.

- Finally, she wears lipstick in a nude shiny color to emphasize her beautiful full lips. 

Julia is considered an icon of beauty and grace in the whole world. Although she is a mother, Julia never neglected her looks; she appears beautiful whatever she is wearing. She loves unique and unconventional jewelry designs, and shares photos of her newest jewelry and manicure on her social page.


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