Makeup secrets of Amal Hijazi wearing a veil

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
Makeup secrets of Amal Hijazi wearing a veil
Makeup secrets of Amal Hijazi wearing a veil

After announcing her retirement from the singing industry and wearing the Hijab, the Lebanese singer Amal Hijazi posted her photo on Instagram wearing a veil in bright colors dominated by white and pink shades with a pink outstanding makeup adding to the beauty and elegance of her look. How about discovering the secrets of her beauty?


- Amal takes care of her skin and cleanses it with a daily face wash; and this is obvious from the beauty and elegance of her makeup.

- Her skin is the secret of her beauty; she uses moisturizing creams every morning and every night for an elegant and confident look.


- She pampers her skin with nourishing masks; she gives her skin the care it deserves and this reflects positively on her makeup.

- She doesn’t go in the sun without using a sunscreen. Sun it the worst enemy of the skin; it makes skin loose its beauty and youth!


- She used foundation in a color that suits her skin color and applied it with a flat brush for an even distribution.

- She applied concealer to hide dark circles under the eyes; she chose a concealer one degree lighter than her skin color.


- She applied a pink eyeshadow in a random way on entire upper eyelid and on lower eyelid to let her makeup look more beautiful.

- She applied eyeliner in a thin line at base of upper eyelashes then defined the eye with black kohl. After that she blended the black and pink colors to get an outstanding eyeshadow.

- She applied a little white kohl at tear line which gave her eyes a bold and confident look.

- She groomed her eyebrows and defined them with a brow pencil in a suitable color; she drew them hair by hair, without any exaggeration, for a thicker and natural look.

- She chose lengthening and thickening mascara to give her eyes a sharper and deeper expression.


- For a livelier and more radiant look, she applied some pink blush on her cheeks.

- She applied highlighter on her cheeks for a more glowing and beautiful look.


- To complete her elegant look, she defined her lips with a pink contour pencil and applied a matte pink lipstick using a lip brush, and then blended the contour and the lipstick in an attractive way.

She added a comment to her photo saying “Be with God so everything will be with you”. People interacted widely with the photo that was liked by more than 7 thousand viewers with comments stating how beautiful she looks with her Hijab.

Her decision to wear the Hijab was not a sudden one; she officially announced her retirement on social media saying that she has suffered from an internal conflict which lead her to be close to God, that she is happy with her decision and lives now in a state of mental and spiritual stability.

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