Makeup method by Nora Bou Awad

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
Makeup method by Nora Bou Awad
Makeup method by Nora Bou Awad

The name of makeup expert Nora bou Awad shined in Saudi Arabia in particular and the Arabian Gulf in general, due to her skill in applying makeup. She gained a wide fame through her pages on social media, in addition to her work with a number of stars in the Arabian Gulf such as Balqees Fathi and Amal al Awadhi.

Nora bou Awad’s style in makeup relies on sculpting the face to modify its shape and focusing on the makeup of eyes and lips with soft colors that suit the skin color.

Discover how Nora bou Awad teaches makeup, in steps:


1. Start by moisturizing your face and applying a primer to get a firm and shine free skin.

2. Apply a dark concealer in an orange color to hide under eye dark circles, and apply a yellow concealer to hide skin blemishes and dullness.

3. Distribute foundation on entire face with a brush; choose a foundation close to your skin color or one degree darker.

4. Apply contouring and highlighting according to the shape of your face to modify and accentuate the features of the face.

5. Use a shiny loose face powder to illuminate and accentuate features such as the area under the eyes and the cheeks. 

6. Finally, put pink or plum blush on your cheeks to give radiance to your face.



1. With a brush, comb your eyebrows in an upward direction to define their shape.

2. If eyebrows are thin, draw them with a brow pencil.

3. Fill the gaps with brow corrector, drawing them hair by hair manner for a more natural look. 

4. With a fine oblique brush, apply concealer on brow bone to emphasize the eyebrow shape.



1. Apply a light eyeshadow on entire upper lid and brow bone.

2. Use any color of eyeshadow you like, peach for example, in two shades; a light shade to be applied at beginning of eyelid  and a dark one to be applied at end and crease of eye.  

3. Then apply a little shimmering eyeshadow in gold or bronze color for a sumptuous evening makeup.

4. With black eyeliner, draw a line above your upper eyelashes and blend it with a brush for a more beautiful eye expression; extend the line upward if you have sleepy or small eyes.

5. Apply mascara on lower eyelashes and use false eyelashes for a captivating look.



1. Define your lips with a contour pencil in the same color of the lipstick you are going to use. 

2. Apply lipstick on both lips; preferably, use a soft color if your eye makeup is heavy and vice versa.

Try to follow Nora bou Awad’s method and get an amazing evening makeup that will catch the attention of everyone around you.

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