Makeup ideas for a tanned skin in autumn

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
Makeup ideas for a tanned skin in autumn
Makeup ideas for a tanned skin in autumn

Women love a bronze color skin and some of them say it is the most beautiful color. Many women go to the beach and sit in the sun for hours to get an attractive tanned skin.

If you have tan skin and want to know what makeup colors suit you, browse the attached album and have a look at latest makeup trends for tanned skin. And get inspired for an outstanding makeup.

Below is a complete guide to help you choose the right colors for your skin.

Foundation: choose a foundation in the same color of your skin with the aim of lightly covering fine wrinkles and blemishes that might appear on your skin; this will give you a beautiful and radiant look.

Concealer: choose a concealer one degree lighter than your skin tone to completely cover dark circles around the eyes.

Face powder: you can use a translucent or bronze face powder to cover the foundation and give your face a natural look.

Blush: add glow to your cheeks by applying blush in a bronze, nude, or peach hue in a circular motion using a large soft-bristled brush.

Eyeshadow: lately, experts are focused on nude, smoky and pink colors. You can also use a little bronze color.

Kohl: the trend is to put black kohl inside the eye for a more luminous and beautiful look.

Eyeliner: black winged and cat eyeliner favor tanned skin; it enhances the beauty of the eyes and gives them more radiance.

Mascara: mascara is a must for a captivating feminine look; mascara lengthens and thickens your eye lashes. If you love false eyelashes, this is the time to use them; they suit tanned skin and add sharpness and attractiveness to your eye expression.

Eyebrow corrector:  for a more elegant makeup, groom and define your eyebrows in a natural way; don’t give them an artificial look.

Highlighter: it is the secret of a well-done makeup for tanned skin; it is also in line with latest makeup trends.

Lipstick: choose lipstick in a nude, classic red or peach color; they suit your skin color best.

Those were beauty experts’ newest ideas for putting on makeup that suits tan skin; apply them for a more beautiful and elegant look.

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