Major bridal makeup trends for 2017

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
Major bridal makeup trends for 2017
Major bridal makeup trends for 2017

Bridal fashion shows do not only reveal latest designs in wedding dresses; they also inform us about latest bridal makeup trends.

In New York Fashion week 2017, models appeared with large eyebrows and a natural makeup in soft colors. Discover the major trends so you can shine on your wedding day with a stunning look.

Major bridal makeup trends for 2017, in photos:

1. A bridal no-makeup makeup 


Shine with your natural beauty on your wedding day by adopting the no-makeup makeup new trend. Attract attention with a natural makeup that reveals the beauty of your features by using of cosmetics in nude colors and a soft pink lipstick.

2. Defined large eyebrows


Large eyebrows made a strong comeback this year. Whether large or medium, eyebrows accentuate the beauty and color of the eyes in a captivating way; the important thing is to define them and fill gaps to get noticeable and beautiful eyebrows. Try to use the closest color to your hair color for an elegant and non-exaggerated drawing.

3. Shiny lips


Models on runways wore lip gloss for a natural and shiny look that suits a no-makeup makeup style.

4. Pink lips


If you don’t like lip gloss, you can use lipstick in soft colors such as pink or coral to get an elegant look that suits your simple makeup.

5. Brown eye makeup


Most used eyeshadow colors were nude colors ranging from beige to light brown degrees; they give a special seduction to eyes by accentuating their color and giving them a 3D look. Find out: how to get an evening brown smoky makeup, in steps

6. Shimmer strobing cosmetics


Strobing is one the trendiest makeup techniques for 2017. Strobing or highlighting with a pearly color emphasizes the beauty of skin with the white dress. Use a pearly highlighter on cheeks, under the eyebrows, on nose bone and above upper lip to illuminate prominent features of the face for a glamorous look on your big day.

Six months at least before your wedding day, start taking care of your skin to shine with a natural look on your big day; the secret of a well done no-makeup makeup is healthy skin.

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