Look younger by applying the right lipstick

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
Look younger by applying the right lipstick
Look younger by applying the right lipstick

Lipstick adds to the chic of your makeup and gives it more radiance and sophistication. It is considered to be the mostly used cosmetic product by women. But did it occur to your mind that some lipstick colors can make you look younger or older?

Following is how to choose the colors that best suit your skin color and make you look younger; and also the best way to apply lipstick. 

1. Fair skin


For a seductive and beautiful look, we recommend using a blue based color lipstick such as plum, wine and dark red. Avoid using bright colors such as pure reds and very pale shades of beige. 

2. Medium skin


For a unique and younger look, we recommend using warm reds, rich and warm pinks and browns; these colors are considered ideal for medium skin, they highlight its beauty and enhance its radiance. Avoid bright pinks and orange shades; they do not suit your skin color.

3. Dark skin


The choice is vast as you can use most shades of rich and dark lipsticks such as dark fuchsia and red.


We recommend avoiding pastel shades such as pinks and neutral beige that is much lighter than your skin color.

Whatever your skin tone is, follow the steps below for an ideal result:

- Choose a lip contour pencil in the color you want. Outline your lips starting from the corner toward the middle; make sure the contour pencil is of a soft creamy and moisturizing texture.


- Use a soft lip brush to obtain by dabbing a gradation of color from the border of the lip toward the inside.

- Choose a lipstick color that suits the lip contour you used in the first step, and apply it to your entire lips.


- To emphasize your lips in a nice way, apply a concealer that suits your skin color at the outer border of your lips using a soft brush.

- Give your lips a touch of luminosity by applying a lip gloss at the center of your lips.


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