Learn how to contour your face with powder

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
Learn how to contour your face with powder
Learn how to contour your face with powder

Many of us prefer a cream contouring while others like a powder contouring that sculpts the face in a natural soft manner without any exaggeration. Contouring with powder suits the climate of the Gulf area that is generally hot; powder absorbs excess oils of the skin to keep the face shine free for a longer time.

Contouring with powder is also recommended for beginners, it is easier to apply and blend; it also allows controlling the quantity of powder to be used for a light day contouring or an evening heavy one. In addition, powder contouring is available in many color shades to suit your skin color.

Applying a powder contouring in simple steps;

1. Foundation and concealer:


At first apply a primer, and then apply a foundation and a concealer. You can also put a thin layer of powder before applying the powder contour.

2. Choosing the contour powder and the brush:


Choose a contour powder two degrees darker than your skin; you can use a bronzing powder instead. Choose a small brush preferably with oblique bristles to make contouring easier.

3. Define your face with the contour powder:


Apply the contour according to shape of your face by putting the dark contour on areas you want to sculpt and accentuate or to make them look smaller.

In general, apply the contour powder in these areas: On both sides of the forehead next to the hairline

  • On both sides of the nose to make it look smaller, and on the tip of the nose to make it look shorter.
  • Under the cheekbones, in an oblique line from the center of the ear toward the center of the cheeks in the direction of the mouth.
  • On the jaw bones to accentuate them or to modify the shape of the face.
  • Under the chin

You can also apply a thin line under the lower lip to give it a fuller look.

4. Powder highlighter

Apply a highlighting or strobing powder in a color lighter than your skin color by one or two degrees. You can also use a shiny highlighter for a more luminous look. Apply the highlighting powder on:

  • Center of forehead
  • Brow bones
  • Bridge of the nose
  • Above cheekbones
  • Centre of the chin
  • Above upper lip

5. Blush


Do not forget to apply blush in a soft pink or peach color on your cheekbones to add glow to your face.

By following these simple and quick steps, you can contour your face using powder only; this will give an elegant matte look that suits different occasions.

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