Latest methods for enlarging lips with makeup

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
Latest methods for enlarging lips with makeup
Latest methods for enlarging lips with makeup

Dreaming of having full lips for a more attractive look?

Enlarging lips with makeup is the safest way to get full lips away from plastic surgery with its uncertain results. To get larger and fuller lips in a natural way, discover the main techniques and tricks used by beauty experts from Maybelline New York.

Following are 4 main methods to enlarge lips with makeup:

1. Enlarging lips with concealer:

Get enlarged and full lips in a natural way, using Fit Me concealer from Maybelline. Apply it first on your mouth to erase lips border. With a lip contour pencil, draw a new border on the white edge that envelops the basic lip color i.e. above the basic line of your lips. Choose a lipstick one degree lighter than the contour pencil and apply it inside new border. After that, reveal again the new border by applying concealer on outer line of lips. Apply this method and shine with beautiful full lips.

2. Enlarging lips with lipstick (ombré technique):

This technique relies on associating light and dark colors. Start by defining lips with a contour pencil one degree darker than the color of your lips; choose Color Drama Nude Perfection pencil from Maybelline.

Apply Color Sensational lipstick in a visible color inside the drawn border; then choose a lipstick in a light nude color from the Color Sensational Nudes range and apply it at the center of upper and lower lips only. Blend colors with your finger to get a color gradation that will make your lips look fuller.

3. Enlarging lips with glossy lipstick:

If you need to slightly enlarge your lips, apply lipstick in the color you wish then cover it with a liquid glossy lipstick to get slightly enlarged lips.

4. Enlarging lips with highlighter:

You can apply a little concealer or highlighter on the central area of upper lip to highlight it and make it look bigger.

Choose one of the above techniques to enlarge your lips with makeup and enjoy full and bigger lips in an easy and quick way at home.

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