Latest fashion trends for spring 2018

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  • Tuesday, April 3, 2018
Latest fashion trends for spring 2018

Fashion has seasonal trends; on catwalks, models present the latest creations by fashion designers along with new makeup colors and styles from well-known cosmetic brands.

What about discovering the latest fashion trends for spring 2018?

Red eyeshadow

Models appeared with bold and vivid colors such as red casually applied to their upper eyelids.


Cut crease style


It relies on using brightly colored eyeshadow, such as sky blue, to draw graphic shapes with sharp edges on the entire upper eyelid,

Dramatic eye makeup

A new trend known as dramatic makeup made its appearance; it relies on applying a shining eyeshadow on the upper eyelid, then defining the entire eye with black eyeliner to reveal the beauty and the width of the eye. Lipstick is applied in a totally new style; a gold color is put at the center of the lower and upper lips, while the remaining parts of the lips are left almost uncolored.


False lashes at lower eyelid

The strangest thing is the use of false lashes on the lower eyelid; they are grouped in a unique way that gives the eye a weird look.


Dark lipstick

Dark lipstick in bold colors is fashionable once again; most models appeared with a velvety dark wine-colored lipstick that revealed the beauty of their lips and enhanced their elegance.


As we can notice, fashion stems from the spirit of the season; spring makeup, with its bright colors, differs from winter makeup.

Follow the latest trends to keep up with fashion.


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