Joumana Mrad’s makeup secrets

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
Joumana Mrad’s makeup secrets
Joumana Mrad’s makeup secrets

Actress Joumana Mrad is a well-known name in television series; she shined in many works where she played the leading role. She became famous in the world of acting for her strong performance and her ability play characters in a way that makes the viewer live the situation, and also for her talent in choosing the makeup style that suits the role. How about uncovering the secrets of Joumana’s radiant and beautiful makeup?

- Joumana loves excellence; that’s why she chooses a makeup style that emphasizes the beauty of her features and uses well-known cosmetic brands. She uses a medium coverage foundation in the same color as her wheat color skin to cover laugh lines and some other fine lines; this makes her look younger and more beautiful.

- Concealer is her best friend; her wide eyes need a professional makeup to look wider, more mysterious and more beautiful. She uses concealer to blur and hide dark circles.

- She defines her eyes from the inside with kohl and applies winged eyeliner on the upper eyelid to give her eyes a sharper and more mysterious expression.

- The secret behind her beautiful eye look lies in defining her eyebrows in a natural way.

- She uses many eyeshadow colors; in the attached photo album, we selected many styles so you can choose what you like.

- She uses lipstick in shades that suit eyeshadow; classic red gives her an outstanding and lively look.

We selected Joumana Mrad’s best look from her Instagram account so you can choose the style you like.

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