Ithmid kohl, how to use it and its most important benefits for the eye

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
Ithmid kohl, how to use it and its most important benefits for the eye
Ithmid kohl, how to use it and its most important benefits for the eye

What is Ithmid kohl?

Ithmid kohl also known as Arabian kohl is one of the most important types of kohl due to its many benefits; it is used to protect eye health and also as a cosmetic.

The Prophet (Peace Be upon Him) used to put Ithmid kohl and recommended its use for its great benefits such as treating eye infection and strengthening eyesight for older people.

Ithmid kohl is extracted from the Ithmid stone that is found in Isfahan, Morocco, the Levant and Yemen. It is found in nature in a silver color such as the Moroccan Ithmid stone; 


Or in a blackish red such as the Ithmid stone found in the Levant. The best Ithmid stone is the one from Isfahan


Genuine Ithmid kohl is produced by crushing the Ithmid stone into a black colored powder.


Benefits of the Ithmid kohl

1. Studies have proved that Ithmid kohl has the power to protect the eye by killing germs the eye is exposed to. Also demonstrated is the effectiveness of antimony compounds in killing some parasites; its compounds are used in the treatment of leishmaniasis through injections.

2. Ithmid kohl helps in strengthening eye sight and clearing the eyes by protecting them from infections and ulcerations. It is recommended for older people who suffer from impaired vision.

3. Ithmid kohl helps in stopping internal eye bleeding and in treating eye injuries, in addition to the treatment of excessive tearing.

4. Ithmid kohl is also used for lashes; it helps lashes to grow because it contains a lot of compounds that stimulate the hair bulb thus making lashes longer and thicker.

5. Ithmid kohl is also used for hair; it has power to treat non-hereditary baldness through stimulating hair bulbs, in addition to its use for treating alopecia.

6.  Ithmid kohl is used as a cosmetic to accentuate the beauty of the eye by defining it like eyeliner; it does not hurt the eye like other kohl kinds.

How to use Ithmid kohl

Not only women use Ithmid kohl; men also use it, not for adornment, but for the great benefits mentioned above.

1. How to use Ithmid kohl for the eye:

- Ithmid kohl comes under the form of a powder; it is applied with a wand that comes with a special container.

- Dip the wand in the kohl container to take the right amount of kohl then draw a line above upper lashes and below lower lashes.


Given that Ithmid kohl is a very fine powder that spreads easily, it is not easy to apply it. It is advised to dip the wand first in ricin oil then to dip it in the kohl container.

- If you want to use Ithmid kohl inside the eye, dip it first in water then in the kohl container.

2. How to use Ithmid kohl for hair:

- Grind the Ithmid stone until it becomes a fine powder; take the amount of 20 grams and add to it the juice of a medium size lemon them mix well.

- Wet a clean piece of cloth with the mixture and rub your scalp in a gentle circular motion for 2 minutes. Focus on gaps in your hair. Don’t worry if you feel a burning sensation; this means that The Ithmid kohl is genuine.

- Leave the mixture on your head until the next morning then wash your hair with a gentle shampoo and warm water.

- A layer of dead skin will be formed on your scalp; it will flake away on its own after two days.

- It is advised to use Ithmid kohl not more than once or twice a week to get amazing results; hair will start to grow again. 

How to make the difference between genuine and fake Ithmid kohl

1. If you don’t feel any irritation when putting Ithmid kohl, it means that it is genuine, but if it causes any redness or allergy to your eyes, it means it is a fake one.

2. Fake Ithmid kohl causes allergy and a running nose.

3. Ithmid kohl cures and clears the eyes and it also strengthens the eyesight, while fake Ithmid kohl harms the eyes.

4. It is known that Ithmid kohl is found in Isfahan, Morocco, Yemen and the Levant area; therefore look its origin on the box label.

5. Genuine Ithmid kohl is expensive while the fake one is cheap.

6. Ithmid kohl is produced by crushing the Ithmid stone found in nature such as the silver colored Moroccan Ithmid stone or the blackish red stone found in the Levant. While fake Ithmid kohl is made from artificial stones or from a powder dyed in black to look like the genuine one.

The best way to ensure getting genuine Ithmid kohl is to buy the raw stone and crush it into a powder and then to mix it with ricin or olive oil or with rose water and keep it in the refrigerator to be used later,

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