In steps, find out how to apply a summer makeup that suits all skin colors

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  • Monday, May 27, 2019
In steps, find out how to apply a summer makeup that suits all skin colors
In steps, find out how to apply a summer makeup that suits all skin colors

Summer is the hottest season and can be the drier in terms of climatic conditions, but it is the season for outings with friends to enjoy the mountain and the sea. It is the most pleasant season of the year despite its high temperatures. 

In summer, you need a different type of makeup that overcomes the climatic conditions; a cheerful and colorful makeup to suit this enjoyable but hot season. 


Follow below steps to shine with a radiant and lively look that suits the summer season:

- Start your makeup by washing your face to get rid of excess natural oils which are secreted in greater amounts in summer. Dry your skin in a gentle way and apply a suitable moisturizer on entire face and neck. We recommend taking great care of your skin in summer; wash your face with a facewash once a day, and wash it many times a day with water alone. Apply moisturizer many times a day and don’t forget to remove makeup residues every night before going to bed.

- Apply a sunscreen with a high protection factor and make it your everyday friend. Put it half an hour before going out to prepare your skin for overcoming the harmful effects of sun rays. In summer, the use of a sunscreen is essential; whatever creams and cosmetics you use, you should apply a sunscreen to protect your skin from sun rays which destroy the beauty and the freshness of your skin.

- Use foundation in a shade that suits your skin color. If you have a dark skin, use it in a shade similar to your skin color; using a lighter color, accentuates the difference in colors between the face and the neck. If you have a wheat color skin, we recommend using a shade one or two degrees lighter than your skin color. For a photo session, use a foundation lighter than you skin by one degree only, because cameras make skin look lighter than it is in reality.  Apply foundation on entire face and neck using a brush.

- Apply concealer in a light color under the eyes to eliminate dark circles due to fatigue and late nights. There are many types of concealer; it can come in the form of fluid, pencil or pressed powder and all of them give the same result. Preferably use a fluid concealer for a day makeup, distribute it with a special brush and try to blend it with foundation to get a flawless radiant look.

- Choose face powder in two different shades, one light and one darker; apply the dark shade on your cheeks to them a fuller and more attractive look, and apply the light shade, in suitable quantities, on the rest of your face. 

- Choose an eyeshadow in a light color such as silver, white or ivory; apply it directly under eyebrow area at outer corner of eye, and in a casual way on entire eyelid. Then apply a darker color on mobile eyelid; you can use a pastel color or a light smoky color for the day, and a darker color for the evening. Choose colors that go together; you can use up to three colors on condition you blend them well.

- Define your eyes a black eyeliner pencil; draw a line on upper eyelid at base of eyelashes; for a summer look, you can use a pastel color pencil to define lower eyelashes. 

- Apply many coats of lengthening and thickening mascara; press your eyelashes with a lash curler and use a lash comb to remove any mascara clumps. You can use false lashes for a more accentuated look.

- Define your eyebrows with a brow pencil in a brown color; try to fill the gaps and draw them in a soft way to give them a natural look.

- Choose a suitable lip contour pencil; you can use nude colors, pink shades and classic red that are par excellence summer colors. Use a suitable lipstick in the same color, and then apply a lip gloss if you wish to enhance the brilliance of your lips.

- Apply blush in a color that suits your skin color; use a golden bronze color for a dark skin, a pink color for a fair skin, and any of the two previous colors for a medium wheat color skin. 

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