In photos: Nawal al Zoghbi’s makeup at Jerash Festival 2017

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
In photos: Nawal al Zoghbi’s makeup at Jerash Festival 2017
In photos: Nawal al Zoghbi’s makeup at Jerash Festival 2017

Nawal al Zoghbi performed on the third day of Jerash Festival 2017; as usual, she had an extremely feminine look with a dress embroidered with flowers, a soft wavy hair style, a strong Lebanese eye makeup in earth colors and a nude brown lipstick.

Discover how to easily apply Nawal’s makeup so you can shine with an elegant and sumptuous Lebanese makeup on various occasions.

How to apply, in easy steps, Nawal al Zoghbi’s makeup at Jerash Festival 2017:  

Face makeup:

1. Nawal’s skin is clear and fresh so you should take care of your skin; cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize your skin.

2. Use concealer to hide dark circles and blemishes.

3. Choose a foundation darker than your skin color, by one or two degrees, for a perfect coverage; preferably use a matte one to get a velvety non-shiny skin in summer.

4. Use the contouring and highlighting technique to sculpt your face; apply the dark color under cheeks, on nose sides and on forehead and apply the highlighter at the center of forehead, cheekbones, nose bone and chin.

5. Put a little peach blush on cheekbones to illuminate them.

Eye makeup:

1. Use gel or a brow pencil to define your eyebrows in an arched manner like Nawal al Zoghbi.

2. Put shiny beige eyeshadow on entire mobile eyelid.

3. Use dark brown eyeshadow on eye crease and at outer corner of eye, in addition to a line under lower eyelashes to get attractive almond shaped eyes.

4. Define the inside of your eye with black kohl which is widely used in Lebanese makeup, and draw a thin line with liquid eyeliner above your upper eyelashes.

5. Put false lashes for a seductive look, or you can use lengthening and thickening mascara for a natural captivating look.

Lips makeup:

1. Use a lip contour pencil to define the border of your lips; choose a pencil in a color close to lipstick color.

2. Apply a brown matte lipstick or any other nude color which suits a makeup in earth colors

Try to follow these simple and quick steps at home to get Nawal al Zoghbi's feminine look at Jerash Festival 2017.

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