In photos: how to embellish short nails with nail polish

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
In photos: how to embellish short nails with nail polish

Long nails are trendy, but not all women can keep with it. Most women prefer short and simple nails especially when they work in fields that require short and clean nails such as medicine or food. What about discovering how to apply nail polish to short nails?

To make nail polish look attractive on short nails, follow below recommendations:
- Moisturizing: make sure to moisturize your nails three times a day. Let the product dry on them to strengthen them; dry skin around the nails leads to brittle and splitting nails.
- Trimming: cut and file your nails weekly.
- Care: after trimming, soak your nails in warm water mixed with a spoon of lemon juice to get more beautiful nails.
- Applying a base coat: don’t skip this step, it is necessary for a well done manicure; make sure to apply a base coat before polish.

Applying nail polish:
1. Choose a well-known brand and pay attention to the expiry date of the product in order to get an attractive manicure that will enhance the beauty of your hands.
2. Put your hand on a table or a flat surface, and be focused when applying nail polish; any slight movement can ruin your manicure.
3. Choose a nail polish style from attached album.
4. Apply a coat of clear nail polish over the colored one to keep your nails shiny for the longest possible time.

In the attached album, we selected for you a collection of photos to be your guide in choosing the style you prefer for short nails. We hope you like them.