In photos: Cyrine Abdel Nour’s makeup during her pregnancy

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  • Wednesday, February 28, 2018
In photos: Cyrine Abdel Nour’s makeup during her pregnancy
In photos: Cyrine Abdel Nour’s makeup during her pregnancy

Cyrine Abdel Nour is commonly associated with innocent features, captivating beauty and a cheerful spirit. She is one the most glamorous artists. The public loves her and she loves it; she's always maintained her elegant look and attractive makeup even while she was expecting a baby.  

Most of the time during her pregnancy, she'd wear simple makeup that would bring out her natural beauty.

- Cyrine loves beauty, that’s why she always takes special care of her skin during pregnancy. She uses exfoliating creams to eliminate dead cells and unclog pores to allow her skin to breathe.

She removes makeup residues daily, and starts her day by washing her face with the appropriate face wash. During pregnancy, the hormonal change that takes place leads to an increased secretion of sebaceous glands in the facial skin, which requires greater attention to skin care.

- She moisturizes her entire face and neck with moisturizing creams containing vitamin A; during a pregnancy, skin becomes more prone to dryness and needs added care to avoid these effects.  

- She uses nourishing and vitamin-enriched eye creams. Pregnancy is tiring for the body and skin; that’s why one should take care of this sensitive area of the face.

- The skin of a pregnant woman is very sensitive; that’s why Cyrine uses lightweight foundation to cover fine lines which appear on the face.

- For outstanding eye makeup, she starts by applying a primer on her upper eyelid to set and enhance eye shadow colors and to protect the eyelid area from harmful effects of cosmetics.

- She defines her eyes with eyeliner in a cat eye style which adds to their beauty.

- In most of her appearances during pregnancy, she used light-colored eyeshadow such as nudes and beige revealing the attractiveness of her eyes.

- She always wears mascara because it adds shine and charm to the eyes.

- During her pregnancy, she used light color lipsticks for her daily looks. In rare cases, she applied darker colors for an evening look.

When you're expecting, follow Cyrine’s example; her moderate and well done makeup enhanced the beauty of her features.

In a photo collection of her latest appearances, Cyrine shined with beauty and elegance despite her pregnancy and the changes to her body and facial features.

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