Important eye makeup mistakes that lead to eye irritation

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
Important eye makeup mistakes that lead to eye irritation
Important eye makeup mistakes that lead to eye irritation

You need to know basic makeup rules and choose suitable high quality products for a well done makeup. When applying makeup, especially at the sensitive eye area, you should be aware of the mistakes that lead to an eye irritation in order to avoid them and keep your eyes in a healthy condition.

1- Not using cosmetics designed specifically for the eye area


One of the most important mistakes is not using cosmetics designed for the eye area; this will harm this sensitive area. When buying makeup, choose cosmetics that suit the eye area; they should be of a light formula that doesn’t contain a lot of chemical ingredients and be designed specifically for the eye area such as primer, concealer and foundation designed for the eye area.

2- The use of expired cosmetics


You should always check the production and expiration dates of cosmetic products when buying and storing them; expired products hurt your eyes causing irritation and redness and they can also be a source of bacterial infection. Therefore be aware of the expiry date of your cosmetics.

3- Not using suitable tools for applying products


Many women think that applying makeup with fingers is the best way, while experts confirm, according to studies, that fingers are not as efficient as makeup tools for applying cosmetics and do not give the same good results. As for the eye area, they warn against the use of fingers because it leads to the sagging of the sensitive skin around the eyes. The best and safest way for applying makeup is the use clean sponges and brushes, in addition to the beauty blender sponge designed for this specific area. Make sure to clean and disinfect these tools three times a week to prevent them from becoming a suitable environment for harmful germs and bacteria.

4- Using a kohl pencil inside the eye


Experts advise not to use a kohl pencil inside the eye; and if necessary, the pencil should be disinfected in a correct way so as not to contaminate the eye with germs or bacteria.

5- Using a lash curler

Using a lash curler in a wrong way can cause some pain or pull some lashes; also it can contaminate the eye with bacteria if it is not clean. Make sure to use the curler before applying mascara so it remains clean; using it after applying mascara can lead to mascara clumps on eyelashes therefore affecting the eyes look and health.

6- Using false eyelashes

Many women use false eyelashes to thicken eyelashes and enhance their beauty. Experts advise to choose high quality false eyelashes and to use medical glue that does not provoke an allergy in order to ensure the safety of the eyes and to keep them healthy.

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