How to use a beauty blender sponge

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
How to use a beauty blender sponge
How to use a beauty blender sponge

“What is a beauty blender sponge? And how do I use it?”

After its launch on the market, the beauty blender sponge became amazingly popular; everyone wanted to own it and try it. What are the reasons behind this worldwide success? And how to use it?

Features of the beauty blender sponge

The beauty blender is used with liquid makeup such as foundation, concealer, BB and CC creams and also with powder makeup such as face or cheek powder.

With its many features, the beauty blender sponge prevailed over all other kinds of sponges. Some of its important features are:

1. Its innovative egg shape gives you more control when applying makeup; its wide base ensures full face coverage while its tapered head allows you to cover the smallest details of the face such as the area around the eyes and the nose.

2. It is made from a material that doesn’t absorb liquids i.e. foundation, BB cream and others; it blends makeup giving a blemish-free complexion.

3. At the same time it allows to get rid of excess amounts of makeup products to get a natural coverage. Now, with a beauty blender sponge, you don’t need to worry in case you applied an excessive amount of concealer or foundation.

4. It is easy and fun to use every day!


How to use a beauty blender sponge?

A beauty blender sponge is easy to use; you only need to learn five extremely simple steps, including how to clean it, in order to avoid exposure of the sponge to bacteria and therefore to keep a healthy skin.

Following is how to use the beauty blender sponge in easy steps:

1. Wet it well by soaking it in water or putting it directly under the water faucet. Squeeze it with your fist while it is still in water to make it absorb as much water as possible. You will notice that its volume increases automatically when it absorbs water.

2. Put the sponge in the palm of your hand and squeeze it to remove excess water and then put it in a thick paper tissue and press it again to make sure it dried.


3. Now you can apply foundation or BB cream on your face with your fingers and then use the beauty blender sponge, or you can put the product directly on the sponge. Start distributing the foundation by dabbing the sponge on the skin, and not by stretching it against the face, to blend the product into the skin. First, use the base of the sponge, i.e. the wide part, to distribute the product over the entire face ensuring a wide coverage in less time, then use the tapered tip of the sponge to cover small areas of the face such as the nose sides.

4. After using the sponge, clean it well with water and little soap. The sponge is exposed to bacteria since it is used damp on the face; therefore make sure to wash it after each use to prevent infecting your skin.

5. Finally, dry the sponge by pressing it well with your fist and let it dry without covering it or putting it in your makeup drawer. We recommend placing it on top of its box and leave it to dry till the next day. When dry, it will regain its initial volume and slip inside the box!

Enjoy using this unique beauty blender sponge and get an ideal coverage and a stunning natural look no makeup brush or other kind of sponges can provide.

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