How to put makeup every morning in 5 five minute

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
How to put makeup every morning in 5 five minute
How to put makeup every morning in 5 five minute

If you are wondering how to quickly put makeup every morning before going to work or university, we will show you how to apply a soft and quick makeup that doesn’t take more than five minutes.  This attractive daily makeup increases your self-confidence making you ready to face everyday challenges.

Putting makeup in five minutes is possible; follow below simple steps as a daily routine to look your best.


- After taking your shower, wash your face with a gentle face wash that suits your skin type.

- Apply a moisturizing cream on your face and neck then apply a sunscreen to protect your skin for harmful sun rays. There are tinted and moisturizing sunscreens that contain all what you need and can replace the moisturizing cream and the foundation; you will need only one minute to apply the tinted sunscreen which suits your skin color.

- Apply a concealer under the eyes to hide dark circles; you can also use it for hiding skin blemishes. Distribute gently with your fingers to give your skin an even color; this step will take a minute of your time.


- Now use a kohl pencil to reveal the beauty of your eyes in a simple way or use eyeliner. We don’t recommend using liquid eyeliner for it takes more time and skill to apply.

- After that, apply mascara to thicken your eyelashes and give your eyes a captivating look. 


- Apply some blush on your cheekbones; mix bronze and pink colors for a radiant and attractive look, especially if your skin is pale.

- Use lipstick in a moderate way; the aim is to get a natural look in an easy way. Preferably use a lip gloss to give your lips a natural color and shine. If your lips have a nice natural color, use a transparent lip balm or a touch of vaseline. 

In doing so, you can put your makeup in five minutes and be ready to go out with an elegant and attractive look.

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