How to put eyeliner for small eyes

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
How to put eyeliner for small eyes
How to put eyeliner for small eyes

Eye makeup is a top priority on the makeup list; eyes are what first attract attention when looking at someone. Big eyes are considered a sign of beauty; but having small eyes doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy makeup that makes your eyes stand out seductively. Small eyes have an inherent special attraction, but to emphasize it you should know how to apply your makeup.

Eyeliner plays an important role in defining the shape of the eye; using it smartly makes smaller eyes look wider. Here are the major easy ways to make small eyes look bigger with eyeliner.

Principal methods of putting eyeliner for small eyes:

1. Winged eyeliner

Adopt a thin winged eyeliner style to enlarge your eyes; use a kohl pencil, or a liquid or gel eyeliner to draw a very thin line above your upper eyelashes, extending it slightly upward. You can also draw a thin line below your lower eyelashes without joining it with upper line; this will keep the eye open and give it more girth.

We recommend first using an eye primer if you have oily skin; this will help in achieving a perfect line that will last all day long.

2. Eyeliner for almond shaped eyes

If you have small and close-set eyes, we recommend applying almond-shaped eyeliner which makes eyes look bigger and gives them an attractive almond shape. Start by drawing a thin line at the mid upper eyelid; make it thicker as you move toward the end of eye then extend it a little outward.

Then draw a second thin line starting at the mid lower eyelid and join it with upper line. Gently blend the end of the two lines to get soft smoky eyeliner which gives an attractive almond shape to small eyes.

You can apply the same makeup with dark eyeshadow in case you don’t want to use eyeliner or a kohl pencil.


To enlarge small eyes, also make sure to:

1. Use eyeshadow in light or nude colors; keep away from dark colors that make your eyes smaller than they are.

2. Use a lash curler; it helps in making eyes look wider and more open.

3. Concentrate mascara on the lashes at center and end of eye to give eyes a bigger and almond shaped look.

4. Put individual false lashes only from the center to end of eye to make the eye look wider.

5. Define the interior of eye with kohl in a light color such as turquoise or beige for a captivating look.

Show the beauty of your eyes no matter how small they are; do it by following these main tips to make your eyes look bigger with makeup, and by applying eyeliner in a way that suits their shape.

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