How to put a light makeup

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  • Sunday, March 4, 2018
How to put a light makeup
How to put a light makeup

Learning how to put on light makeup is an introductory step for beginners into the world of makeup. When wearing light makeup, there is little room for error that can't easily be corrected. In addition, it doesn’t require many makeup tools and products. Here are the steps for applying light makeup for a soft and attractive look, along with the products you will need.

Steps for applying light makeup

Follow the 7 steps below to get an amazing light makeup

Prepare your skin before applyingfoundation

This is the secret of a soft and smooth makeup; cleanse your skin with a suitable face wash. If you lips are dry and chapped, mix a small spoon of olive oil with a half spoon of sugar and rub lips for 4 minutes for a softer aspect; then rinse your face with lukewarm water. After that, apply a moisturizer that matches your skin type, and leave it for 5 minutes to dry.


Putting foundation for a light makeup

Foundation is chosen according to skin type; a blemish free skin needs a light or medium coverage foundation, while a skin with dark spots needs a full coverage foundation. The same goes for brushes. If you have clear skin, you can apply foundation with your fingers or with a clean brush; but if you have skin imperfections, you need to use a beauty blender sponge to apply foundation well. Distribute foundation on your entire face; spread it on your forehead using a back and forth movement; spread it on your cheeks from the center of the face toward the ears; and use a back and forth movement for the chin area.


Putting concealer for a light makeup

If you want to red rid of dark circles and blemishes, mix concealer with two drops of eye serum to allow for its smooth application under the eye; we recommend spreading concealer under the eye by dabbing gently with the middle finger. Cover dark spots and fine lines with concealer and blend well with foundation.

Putting blush for a light makeup

As a rule, use blush in a bronze or peach color for medium and dark skin, and use a pink or red color for fair skin. We recommend applying blush with a large and thick brush. Start by applying blush on cheekbones, from the inner part of the face toward the ears; for a better result, make a big smile when applying blush on your cheekbones.


Light eye makeup

Use a thin brush for distributing a light and soft eyeshadow on the mobile eyelid then apply a dark color on the center of your mobile eyelid. We recommend beginners to use nude colors for they suit any skin color and don’t need a lot of expertise to be applied. Avoid using dark colors such as black and red; any mistake in applying them is difficult to correct.

As for eyeliner, all you need is to apply it with a firm hand. Draw a thin line along the eye at the base of your upper eyelashes; even if not visible, this dark line will give a wider and beautiful expression to your eyes. If you want winged eyeliner, use a plastic card to help you draw an oblique line (30 degrees) at the outer corner of the eye; then fill the triangle from the end of the oblique line to the outer corner of eye.

There is nothing better than mascara for giving a captivating look. If you have short eyelashes, use lengthening mascara; if you have long but thin eyelashes, use thickening mascara. Apply mascara from the root to the tip of your eyelashes; you can put two coats of mascara for an ideal result.


Putting lipstick for a soft makeup

Note that exfoliation gives remarkable soft lips.  We recommend using lipstick in a soft pink color if your skin is fair; and in nude or light pink color if your skin is medium or dark. Use a lip contour pencil in the same color of your lipstick to precisely draw your lip border. Then apply lipstick inside the drawn border.

Putting highlighter for soft makeup

Highlighter adds a lot to makeup; it illuminates the beautiful areas of the face and gives you an amazing and radiant look. Applying highlighter is the last step in makeup, put it on your cheekbones, nose bone and around the mouth; also put a small touch of highlighter on the inner corner of the eye to illuminate it.

Essential products and tools for a soft makeup

- Foundation.

- A brush or beauty blender sponge to spread foundation.

- Blush.

- A large brush to apply blush.

- Eyeshadow in a light color.

- A small brush to apply eyeshadow.

- Black eyeliner pencil.

- Black mascara.

- A lip contour pencil.

- Lipstick.

- Highlighter.

By following the above steps, you can apply light makeup that reveals your beauty. Start from today!

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