How to put a bronze makeup according to your skin color

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
How to put a bronze makeup according to your skin color
How to put a bronze makeup according to your skin color

Bronze makeup suits all skin colors and is loved by makeup experts and women. In general, earth colors are widely used in makeup, especially Arabian makeup; but bronze colors have a special captivating brightness and give a natural tan for fair skin without the need of getting exposed to burning sun rays.

Bronze makeup for 2017:

Bronze makeup is not restricted to earth colors only; you can use any other color with bronze for a captivating eye makeup.

Below is how to achieve a 2017 bronze makeup in simple and quick steps:

Face makeup:

1. For a well done bronze makeup, choose a foundation darker than your skin by one or two degrees to get a glowing tanned skin.

2. Apply a shiny or non-shiny bronzer with a large brush on prominent features of the face, in a moderate way.

3. You can also use the contouring and highlighting technique in suitable colors according to the shape of your face.

Eye makeup:

1. Apply a beige color on entire upper lid as base layer.

2. Put a dark color such as brown, black or olive at outer corner of eye and at the base of lower eyelashes.

3. Apply bronze eyeshadow over the beige color or in eye crease, and put a little eyeshadow under lower lashes to illuminate the eye.

4. You can define your eye with eyeliner or put black or colored kohl inside the eye.

5. Finally, use mascara to lengthen and thicken eyelashes for a captivating eye look.

Lip makeup:

1. Define your lips with a contour pencil in a color close to your skin color.

2. Choose a nude earth color for a bronze captivating look. Fascinate everyone around you with your bronze makeup by following these easy steps which emphasize the color and beauty of your skin and eyes. Bronze makeup for fair skin: If you have a fair skin, try bronze makeup for a natural tanned skin without sunbathing for long hours.

Here are some tips for applying bronze makeup for fair skin:

1. Choose a foundation darker than your skin by two or more degrees if necessary but don’t exaggerate.

2. Use bronzer in a moderate way to boost your bronze makeup.

3. You can use a dark eyeshadow with a dark bronze color for a sumptuous evening makeup that suits fair skin; but use a light eyeshadow for a natural day makeup.

4. You can use dark nude lipstick to emphasize the beauty of your skin color. Follow above tips to shine with a stunning bronze makeup for an outstanding summer look. Bronze makeup for dark skin: Having a dark skin doesn’t mean that bronze makeup is not for you; on the contrary, bronze makeup is one of the styles that best suit dark skin. But you should know how to choose the right colors to accentuate the beauty of your skin.

Below are some tips to apply a bronze makeup for dark skin:

1. Choose foundation in a golden wheat color close to your skin color; the purpose is to give your dark skin a special radiance, and not to tan it as in the case of fair skin.

2. Use bronzer in a gold shade to enhance the features of your face.

3. Use eyeshadow in light to medium earth and bronze shades to emphasize the color of your eyes.

4. Use lipstick in light or medium nude colors for natural and attractive lips.

Follow above important tips to draw attention this summer with a soft and sunny bronze look. More: Get an earthy makeup like fashionista Habiba da Silva Best way to apply an earthy bridal makeup In steps, a smoky makeup in brown for evening  

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