How to enlarge small eyes with makeup

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  • Tuesday, March 6, 2018
How to enlarge small eyes with makeup
How to enlarge small eyes with makeup

All through history, poets have praised beautiful and wide eyes. If you have small eyes, what about learning the way to enlarge them with makeup?


You will need:

- An eye primer

- Liquid eyeliner

- Gel eyeliner or kohl

- An eyeliner brush

- A lash curler

- Mascara

In steps, how to enlarge small eyes with makeup:

First step: eye care


Use a nourishing and moisturizing eye cream; distribute it on the entire area around the eye and on the upper eyelid. Apply a concealer under the eyes to hide dark circles.

Second step: applying a primer


Put a primer on the entire upper eyelid; this will allow the eyeshadow to set and enhance its color.

Third step: putting gel eyeliner or kohl


Apply kohl or gel eyeliner using the special brush; preferably put it in a semi-circular form on upper eyelid.

Fourth step: putting liquid eyeliner


Apply liquid eyeliner on the previous line to deepen the color and give more width to your eyes.

Fifth step: blending


Blend kohl or gel eyeliner with liquid eyeliner using a thick flat brush with soft bristles.

Sixth step: putting eyeliner on the outer corner of the eye


Apply eyeliner at the outer corner of the eye and extend the line downward to reach the lower eyelid.

Seventh step: lining the inner rim


After extending the eyeliner to the lower eyelid, line the lower inner rim of your eyelid; this will give you wide eyes.

Eighth step: putting mascara



Apply mascara on your upper and lower eyelashes. Use a lash curler to give your eyes a more dramatic expression.

If you have small eyes; follow the above steps to enlarge them with makeup.

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