How to contour a round face, in photos

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
How to contour a round face, in photos
How to contour a round face, in photos

The contouring technique relies on using makeup for sculpting the face with a dark shade to make it look slimmer, and on emphasizing its most prominent features with a highlighter.

Contouring differs according to the shape of the face. This article shows how to contour a round chubby face; contouring will slim a round face by sculpting chubby cheeks to make them look slimmer.

How do I know that my face is round?




A round face has almost equal length and width; the width of the hairline area is also equal to that of the chin area. In general, a round face doesn’t have prominent features; the cheeks are chubby and the chin has a circular shape instead of a tapered one. With contouring and highlighting you can sculpt your face and make it look slimmer. 


How to contour a round face, in photos


1. The contour:


Use the dark shade to sculpt the basic features of your face by applying it as follow:
• On sides of forehead along the hairline; this will make this area look smaller and slimmer.
• Under cheekbones from mid ears to mid cheeks. Don’t extend the line to the mouth; this doesn’t suit a round face.
It is not easy to contour chubby cheeks since cheekbones are not prominent; try to put the dark shade under cheekbones to get defined and slimmer cheeks.
• Under jaw bones to make the area look narrower; this gives the face a more sculpted and attractive look.


2. The highlighter:


Highlighter is used to illuminate prominent facial features or to make them look prominent as in the case of a round face. For a round face, the highlighter should be applied in central parts of the face:
• At the middle of the forehead in a circular form; it will draw attention to the center of the face by illuminating it.
• Under the eyes in the form of an inverted triangle to hide under eye dark circles and give the eyes an amazing radiance
• A little circle on the center of the chin




3. Blush


Apply a radiant color on top of cheeks only; put a little quantity and blend it well.



Get a slim and sculpted face and cheeks by following above method and enjoy a look you always dreamt of.


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