How to choose a foundation that suits your skin

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
How to choose a foundation that suits your skin
How to choose a foundation that suits your skin

It might be complicated for you to choose a foundation that suits your skin type and meets your needs whether you are looking for a light, medium or full ideal coverage; choosing a foundation depends also on seasonal weather. This summer don’t hesitate to use a foundation with a medium and radiant coverage to give you an ideal natural look. 

Choosing foundation according to skin type:

1. Foundation suitable for normal skin:

Normal skin has little blemishes and a refreshed look; we recommend using Dream satin Liquid foundation from Maybelline that gives the face a radiant, blemish free and full coverage. Its light texture suits normal and sensitive skin. 

2. Foundation suitable for dry and combination skin:

Try to use a moisturizing foundation that gives full and long lasting coverage; it blends on the skin without causing any cracks to give you a unified complexion.

We recommend using the new Dream Velours from Maybelline; a refreshing and moisturizing gel formula to give a smooth, velvety and non-shiny coverage and to keep skin moisturized for more than 12 hours.

3. Foundation suitable for oily skin:

You need to use Dream Matte Mousse foundation; its revolutionary mousse formula gives a 100% matte coverage. Apply it evenly on your face with your fingers; start from the center of face outward in order to get an ideal and radiant skin that will increase your self-confidence. 

Finally choose Fit Me Foundation to get a natural coverage that allows your skin to breathe; this newest foundation from Maybelline has a light formula that blends harmoniously into the skin to leave it soft and radiant.

Choosing foundation according to skin color:

When choosing a foundation suitable to your skin type, don’t forget your skin color!

1. If you have a dark skin, choose a foundation of the same color of your skin or one degree darker.

2. If you have a pale, white or medium skin, always use foundation darker than your skin by one or two degrees to get an ideal glow and radiance.

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