How to become a makeup expert in simple steps

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
How to become a makeup expert in simple steps
How to become a makeup expert in simple steps

Putting your own makeup is no more an impossible task if you choose cosmetic products and tools in a precise and professional manner. You don’t need to go to a beauty salon for a well done makeup; do it on your own and learn how to apply the contouring technique like makeup artists.

Easy steps for applying makeup at home:

Best contouring technique for beginners:


1. You should use foundation in two colors: a color darker than your skin by one or two degrees, and a color lighter than your skin by one or two degrees to be used as highlighter.  

2. Start by moisturizing your skin with your usual moisturizer then apply a primer and a concealer to reduce skin flaws.

3. Use a thick brush to apply the light highlighting color; draw a triangular shape under the eyes above jaw bones, a line on nose bone and put some of it at center of forehead and on chin.

4. Now put the dark color using a smaller brush; apply it on sides of nose and forehead, and on cheeks starting near the ear and going downward toward the corner of mouth. Also apply a thin line at edge of jaws.

5. Use a beauty blender sponge; blend each color separately in a circular motion to prevent mixing the two colors together, and to get a radiant skin.

Hiding dark circles:


Apply concealer around the eyes to hide dark circles; concealer should be one or two degrees lighter than skin color.

Eye makeup:


1. Apply eyeshadow in a color that suits the colors of your skin and clothes; you can choose a nude look or a smoky makeup.

2. Apply mascara to get long and thick eyelashes, or put false lashes for a more dramatic and captivating eye expression.



Lipstick plays an important role in makeup. You can choose any color you like; noting that strong matte colors such as red, violet or even orange are in fashion this year.

Setting makeup:


Don’t forget to use a setting spray to let your makeup stay put for a longer time; spray a little amount of the setting product on your entire face, while keeping your eyes closed.

By following the above simple steps, you can become your own makeup artist and apply your makeup in the best way.

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